We have a GIG!

So,our band,Loafer has a first gig!2,in fact!
Darryl(the drummer)'s wife is an artist,and wants us to play at her exhibition opening,then later we are supporting Squirm(one of Darryl's old bands)in Lyttleton!
We are all rather excited,as none of us have played live for a looooong time.

The last time G and I played was with our old rock band,Swamp Donkeys-for which Darryl was also the drummer-about 3 years or more ago!Below are the only handy pics I have of a Donkeys gig.I need to scan a pile of pics,along with all the other pics I need to scan.

That's me in the nun outfit.This band is partly where the name Helga von Trollop comes from.We had a blast,playing dirty,fun original rock & roll,very AC/DC meets Motley Crue in a vat of depravity and eyelashe glue.The lyrics were FILTHY!!!We all had crazy stage names.You know who I was.......G was G-Man,Darryl was Sleazy D,the lead guitarist,Mark,was Marky Harlot,and the bassist,Vaughn,was Dr Love Trousers.
We just played around town for a couple of years until the lead guitarist had a spazz.We got another guitarist,Toby,who was brillant,but it just never really jelled.Toby is now drumming for G's other band,Snuffbox.Toby's Donkey name was Sven Hosenschlanger.
I still like to call him that.

Here's G,looking fine in the codpiece I made him,and a black wig.Not sure whose panties are hanging on the end of his guitar!this gig was at the Media Club,which sadly no longer functions.This room was an old ballroom,and it was all delightfully decrepit and had great atmosphere.
So, Loafer has a 9 song set,hopefully it will go well,and hopefully we get a decent audience!!!

*whoops,I lied.Snuffbox has had 1 gig,ages ago,but the drummer left,and they have been getting Toby trained!Gagging for them to play,they ROCK!
May the 4th be with you!
**I have been corrected by G;Snuffbox have in fact had at least 3 gigs.My apologies,G,I was probably too drunk to remember!x


Vintage Vixen said...

Loafer, live! Please can you record the gig and upload it to You Tube so's i can pretend I'm there with you??????
There's some pretty scary looking peeps in that crowd, I'd be freaking out if I had to appear in front of some of those dudes.
Hurrah for crumbling old venues...always the best for an atmospheric gig, rancid old dance halls and crumbly civic halls beat those shitty purpose-built lager-sponsored "venues" hands down.

Kel said...

Congrats on the gig!!
And it sounds like it'll be great fun.
X x

Alex said...

Videos are an absolute must!!

prettyneons said...

Whoa that must be such a rush!? Best of luck,break a leg ;)

prettyneons x

Helga! said...

I will do my best to get photos AND video if poss!!!
It'll be fun!

giddynici said...

Congrats thats brilliant! You'll have a blast. x

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, I want to come!