Here's Nix and I before the first gig,an acoustic set at the Silvan Gallery Cafe.

Lovely old building;was an Antiques shop for years.It turned out to be very wet yesterday afternoon,this pic was taken about 5:30 pm,and it has gotten very dark and gloomy.

I ended up wearing:
Frock-50's,Madame Butterfly's
Shoes-Trade Me

Then we had some dinner at home with Si and Nix,tanked up on wine,and headed to Lyttleton and the El Santo, a dear old bar, downstairs in an old Art Deco building
.It was so cute! I wanna go there again!!
When we arrived,they were playing some fantastic old Elvis;nice,original,crackly Elvis.
Then they put on The Cramps!
 I had forgotten just how much I like The Cramps!!! Damn,all my Cramps on vinyl got pissed on by our cat before Boris(Esmeralda,her name was), and was never the same again.I'm gonna have to hunt out some on CD.

I loved the port holes, so G had to pose for me.

This is the best pic I have,the batteries died, and I was too drunk to tell Ira (who took the shot)that there were new batteries in my handbag.
We had a great time!
We weren't too bad at the Gallery, but at El Santo we rocked!
And Squirm rocked even more!(Thanks guys,for having us!)
 I managed to stay up til well past my bedtime(with the help of a little nap on the couch at the bar),but was suffering this morning....but it was soooo worth it!!There was a fantastic turn out,lots of people to see Squirm,who are an old Christchurch band from way back(now based in Dunedin),and lots of our friends came out in the rain to support us!
I love you all!!!
*Apparently Nix has a disc of photos from a professional photog who was there;when I get my mits on it,there will be more and far better pics.
Shout out to Ally,who sweetly dragged herself out on the bus(takes ages)to see us!What a sweetie!I think she was very kindly propping me up whilst I was "napping".I'll be keen to hear how the rest of her night went.....
This morning I went out for coffee with the gloriously gorgeous Andrea , more about that later...........



Anonymous said...

Silvan Gallery Cafe... looks very cool :)

I've also changed my blog... so if you still wanna follow me, you click on my icon and it will link to my new blog :)

You go girl!!!

piglet said...

Looks like a great night! And I love the print on your dress.

Disco Goth said...

What a fab night! The Cramps are brilliant aren't they? Can't wait to see the other photos.


Alex said...

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you get your hands on the other photos soon!

Vintage Vixen said...

What a blast! Wish I'd have been there to cheer Loafer on and maybe play the tambourine.
Jon still has his Cramps stuff on vinyl (probably cat-pissy too) but he'd be happy to share.
What a little star, Ally was, bless!

CalamityJem said...

Wow Helga you look amazing!
I'd love to hear you sing.

Helga! said...

I wish you had ALL been there!IOt was so much fun!Can't wait to do it again!