Bumpit Delight.

A rather hasty photo taken this morning......
Note bumpit.I freakin love these things!So easy,and I get height without hassle!Bless whomever invented them.
Frock-70's,slightly altered by me,opshopped
Tights-a market in Sydney a year or so back

Feeling slightly ragged this morning,as we went to Sweet Janes(a local bar)after work with an English lass from work yesterday.1 wine turned into 3 and went straight to my head!We staggered home,had more wine,I made vege fried rice,had more wine and somehow ended up in bed only to be woken at 5;15 by Boris licking my nose.Ugh.Then he put a paw on my cheek and put all his weight on it,which is considerable.WTF?!Why I didn't give him bonky with the pillow I don't know.Too befuddled,I guess.

Anyways,I keep forgetting that my darling Vix requested details about my rings.
Here they are again:

Left hand.
From left-pentacle ring made by a guy I used to know in 1996,Ganesh from Bangkok,floral one bought in Sydney by G,spiralone old as the hills,no idea where it came from,am over it and need a new one!

Right hand.
From left-butterfly from Kaikoura,multi amber(one missing,one replaced by tigers eye)from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul,pointy one from San Cristobal in Mexico,thumb ring a gift from a friend.I usually wear an small amber one on my pinky,but it is a little big and slips off in winter.
I don't take them off unless I have to.I wear them until they break and then replace them!

I'm as blue as a new tattoo....

This delightful Alphonse Mucha design,

plus some of these lovely peacock feathers,

are the basis for my new tattoo!
I go for my first sitting on the 9th July,and am rather excited!



Late yesterday I perked up quite a lot.....the medicinal vodka kicked in and blew my illness away!
So,I frocked up in my gingham maxi-haven't worn it for years!-opened up my vanity case and got frisky with this fabulous pink blush I bought in Thailand last December,plaited my hair and let my inner Frida run free!!!!

I have had these platforms forever.Can't remember the last time I wore them.For some reason they are actually disintegrating!But still wearable,luckily.I had stuck on some gold stars at some point,but they have mostly peeled off,dammit.I opshopped the frock many years ago from Savemart,when retro cost less than $5.
Frocking up always makes me feel better and brighter,even though it takes a little effort!
*ooo,I just saw an ad for "The Price of Beauty",seems to be a documentary about beauty/what is considered beautiful in different cultures,hosted by Jessica Simpson?!Actually looks really good.Must check that out.I'm watching Mash as I type,and G is in the kitchen preparing dinner.Mash is such a great show,one of the best American shows ever produced,I reckon.A great mix of comedy and tragedy,it makes me want to laugh and cry,and Alan Alda is terrific and so bittersweet.
Yay for TV on a shitty,cold winters night!

It's all about ME!

Aw,shucks.Reva passed this award on to me,and what can a girl do but accept it!
I'm supposed to tell you 5 things about me-things you don't know,I suppose-and pay it forward.
1:I can't roll my r's.It vexes me terribly.
2:I had to be taught how to burp,now I burp with gay abandon.
3:I can't stand it when the toothpaste is squeezed from the top,rather than the bottom.
4:I'm all for reincarnation.
5:I adore old fashioned manners and am frequently dismayed by the lack of good manners displayed these days.

Um,who to pay it forward to?!


And thank you for your "get well" wishes!
I am feeling a little brighter after being in bed snoozing and looking at fashion mags all day,so hopefully I am on the mend!x

Hotness!-Cynthia Myers......

I'm crook.I got myself a nasty cold.Meh.
So, I thought I would introduce you all to one of my favourite hotties of all time....
Cynthia Myers!!!
She also happens to star in of one of my Top 5 films of all time, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.

Feast thine eyes on perfection!

Those doe-like eyes, those bodacious ta ta's, that big, bouncy hair!!!
Above she is on set with, from left, Russ Meyer (director extraordinaire), Dolly Read and Hugh Hefner.

Sigh.She is still beautiful today.
And below is a pic of when she was Playboy's Miss December 1968.
When women were real, touchable, tan-lined and full furred.

We have our very own copy of this issue, courtesy of our lovely friend Pam. She is from Maryland (somewhere in the North East USA) and her father had an entire collection of Playboys before he passed, many years ago, and they were still in the attic of the family home! When she was home a few years ago, she went through them and found this issue for us!
What a trooper!
Tomorrow I am going to acknowledge an award the awesome Reva has sweetly passed on to me,but tonight I am going to have a couple of green ginger wines and fill more than a few tissues with unspeakable horror..........



We had a lovely evening,quaffing quality vino with Jo and a few others in the Timeball Station.
I mostly concentrated on the cheeses,as I volunteered to be sober driver,and G got the rest of my wine after I had a couple of sips.

"O,yes,an undertone of wet carpet and goat droppings,and a waft of swede from the neighbouring garden...."

Afterwards,we got to cruise around the Timeball Station,even going outside on the roof to see the ball drop.I think I got a chill,dammit,as I am home today with a cold,feeling somewhat wretched.The Timeball Station was built in 1876(that's old for NZ)and it has lots of sweet antiques throughout. G kept galloping around like a sozzled wally,it was a mission to get him out the door to leave,he was having such a good time!

I did my best to look glamourous,a vision in blue,with a tiara and lashings of blue eyeshadow.Damn flash bleaches it out a bit.It's 2 shades and very intense in colour.
Frock-Late 60's,opshopped
Coat-70's,gift from Justine

Wombats are Marsupials

I'm wearing the fabulous hair"flower" and scarf Nikki sent me!I think that the hair"flower"(well,I'm not really sure what to call it)is like a little hat;in fact,with a little bit of tulle,it will make a lovely fascinator!
Then,I will be truly fascinating!!!
I love it,and have recieved several compliments on it already!

I had forgotten to post this 60's swimsuit I bought off Trade Me.It arrived Saturday,and fits perfectly.It has been difficult to find one in my size.I'm extra pleased with it,as G's Mum is going to take the family on a cruise next January.So,with Vix's help,I have already started planning my cruise wear!All suggestions greatly appreciated,as I have never been on one,and G and I have decided to treat it like the Love Boat and dress accordingly.
Besides,it'll piss my sister- in- law Holly off no end if we look loony!!!She won't want to be seen with us.............

Tonight we are going to a wine tasting here:

The Lyttleton Time Ball Station.One of only 2 functional time balls in the world,the other is in Greenwich,London.
Our wine writer friend Jo (you met her the other day)is conducting the wine tasting,it is exclusively reds,which is right up our alley!
What am I going to wear?!


Yesterday I wore this rather fab 70's frock I got a few weeks ago.Genuine crimplene,no less!
I was told a few times I looked quite posh.(Not as in & Becks.)
Hairflower-made with loving hands by Vix!

Anyhows,today I came home to a little treat!All the way from Nikki in Wales!

A gorgeous scarf and hair "flower",made by her own fair hands!Thank you,darling!I love them!!

And today I was wearing:
Beret-Madame Butterfly's


If Don Juan was a Weird & Trippy Woman!

We watched this yesterday afternoon.It was fecking confusing at times,but rather compelling.
I seem to have a bit of a thing for BB lately,and have realised why Kate Moss has been so successful-she looks so incredibly like BB most of the time.I'm probably the last person to realise this.Very earthy,very sexy,very natural.
Don Juan is from 1973,and the clothes are freakin' fantastic!Most noteable was an orange evening maxi worn by the delectable Jane Birkin.It was G's first experience of young Jane,and he hasn't stopped drooling.

Jane and BB were exceptionally saucy in bed,shame there wasn't any action!!

This bloke on the left,whom BB's character inexpicably destroys emotionally,was classically 70's looking,and quite appealing in a rugged,manly,scarred way.

One Night At Al's

The evening started off in a civilised manner.
The lovely Jo came for dinner,we had mushroom soup followed by smoked chicken and porcini cannelloni,steamed green beans and rosemary potatoes.
We quaffed some excellent wine that Jo bought along(she is a wine writer and consequently always has devastatingly good wine)and chatted about her house renovations.

Looking classy,we made our move to go.
I love Jo's purse,she scored it for 1 whole pound in London a few years ago.Very Mary Quant looking.Matches her tights beautifully!
I'm in the frock I opshopped yesterday,It's 60's.Underneath I am wearing a girdle in an attempt to tame the bloat.It didn't really help.
Carrying handbag bought at the last Shabby Chic Market I went to,tights from Farmers and Wild Pair shoes bought on sale.
Before the bands,Jo did an hour of DJing,spinning some fabulous 80's numbers.Then there was a saucy minx who did a geisha themed burlesque number.I quite enjoyed it,it was quite different.
The Joy Division covers band,Permanence,are really good.Absolutely spot on.Killer bassist and drummer.I was outside(evidence coming right up) during The Cure covers band,Primary,which is the same people-the same guy does Ian Curtis and Robert Smith-so I wasn't really paying attention.Apparently they didn't nail it very well.They had an extra guitarist who had the wrong sound and kept improvising that stuffed it up.The place was packed,crawling with old & young Goths and Punks,and a couple of drunken twats cavorting annoyingly in front of the stage.No,I wasn't one of them!
Whatever.I was hanging with the girls.......

Bela, Amber and Miriam

Jo,Justine(her first night out since baby!)and I.We've all had quite a bit to drink by this point.

I'm not sure what it is about being drunk and having a camera.I laughed so much my head hurt and I cried!

Justine's shoes!!!!!!

I caught up with Jeff,whom I haven't seen for probably 15 years at least!!

We are attempting to look intellectual.

My head isn't too bad!In fact,I'm having a glass of wine right now!


Purple People Eating

Darryl took these pics before we went to band practice last night.Behold my fabulous frock I received from the glorious Vix!

So I slapped on a pile of blue & purple eyemakeup,some purple lipstick and away we went.

Now,I had forgotten to show you the frocks I bought when I was out opshopping the other week with Andrea.Here they are!
Today I am suffering from PMT and am massively bloated.So I took myself out for a spot of opshopping before doing a few groceries.

I was stoked to find another suitcase,plus some quirky flats-not really my style,but I felt compelled to buy them for some reason!2 packets of 60's stockings,2 crazy hats and a spotty scarf.
Plus these 2 frocks! I think I'll wear the one on the right tonight.With a girdle.BLOATARAMA!
We are off to Al's Bar to see Permanence,a Joy Division covers band,and some band-I think it may be the same people-doing Cure covers.The Goths'll be out tonight!!
I have to go and get frocked up,our friend Jo is coming for dinner,and I have to be on time as she is DJing before the bands!
Bring on the wine!