Bumpit Delight.

A rather hasty photo taken this morning......
Note bumpit.I freakin love these things!So easy,and I get height without hassle!Bless whomever invented them.
Frock-70's,slightly altered by me,opshopped
Tights-a market in Sydney a year or so back

Feeling slightly ragged this morning,as we went to Sweet Janes(a local bar)after work with an English lass from work yesterday.1 wine turned into 3 and went straight to my head!We staggered home,had more wine,I made vege fried rice,had more wine and somehow ended up in bed only to be woken at 5;15 by Boris licking my nose.Ugh.Then he put a paw on my cheek and put all his weight on it,which is considerable.WTF?!Why I didn't give him bonky with the pillow I don't know.Too befuddled,I guess.

Anyways,I keep forgetting that my darling Vix requested details about my rings.
Here they are again:

Left hand.
From left-pentacle ring made by a guy I used to know in 1996,Ganesh from Bangkok,floral one bought in Sydney by G,spiralone old as the hills,no idea where it came from,am over it and need a new one!

Right hand.
From left-butterfly from Kaikoura,multi amber(one missing,one replaced by tigers eye)from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul,pointy one from San Cristobal in Mexico,thumb ring a gift from a friend.I usually wear an small amber one on my pinky,but it is a little big and slips off in winter.
I don't take them off unless I have to.I wear them until they break and then replace them!


CalamityJem said...

Hi Helga,
Fabulous outfit!
Huzzah for kick-ass boots, they RULE!
I don't really wear rings myself cause I've got toilet lid sized, man hands :(
but I must say that you've got a lovely selection of finger trinkets there :)
I especially like the Ganesh one.

Camelia Crinoline said...

They have bumpits in NZ? Where did you get it? I want one.
Love the floral dress with the blue cardi and tights.

Disco Goth said...

I love the colours in your dress, very pretty indeed.
I think I have two favourite rings - the butterfly and flowers one and the pointy one but they are all stunners.


Miss Peelpants said...

I've been meaning to try one of those bumpit things, wondered if it was easy to conceal them? Fab rings too, one day I must train myself into wearing rings. I'm too much of a fiddler though ;)

Miss Claire said...

I saw $2-shop-version bumpits the other day. I must try them out! I imagine you could get some crazy rockabilly hair out of them!

I love your rings, my favourite is the amber/tigers eye one. Groovy!

I have a couple of rings that I wear most days, but I constantly have to take them on and off for violin, which is a pain. Wish I could wear them on every finger like you!

Xx Claire

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

ohh. I have two different sized bumpits that i got off Ebay for .99c. I am crap at using them . Tutorial?
oh and I luuuuurrvveee the ring from Mexico. very cool

Mrs Munster said...

I've been wondering bout Bumpits whether they work. Do you reckon you need farily long hair for it? I wish I could wear lots of ring all the time. Due to my job, it's only wedding band I can wear :(

Bug said...

You have an awesome ring collection. I really adore your outfits. The colors are always so bold and the pattern on your dress is darling.


Vintage Vixen said...

The print on that frock is just glorious! All the kids are feebly attempting to rock the floral look this summer but the modern ones are so damned wishy-washy. If you wear flowers they simply have to be BIG flowers!!
Hurrah for the mighty Bump-It! Mine is off on an outing later, and no doubt I'll awaken with a cat stuck on my head suckling my hair,too.
Loving all the rings, thanks for sharing! I can't possibly pick a fave as they are all totally fabulous!!!

Kandi said...

Bumpits are top! I love the height without the mega backcombing!
You look amazing in the dress/cardi combo - love the blue on you.
Kandi x

Helga! said...

yeah,bumpits rule....more about that in todays post.
Calamity-I wear my rings to detract from my hideous nails and generally dishpan hands!!!

Candycane said...

Great dress and Cradie - love the colours!!