Dinner with the Family

We had a most excellent evening!!The food was divine,the tequila plentiful,the company pleasant.
G is the youngest of 4 brothers,the eldest,Chris,and his partner didn't come along.So this is 3 brothers,their spouses, 2 nephews and 1 niece.
G had spent the afternoon with these 2 brothers,Mark & Simon,jamming with hand drums and getting pissed.Here he is leering beerily over me.

Mark,Holly,their son Nathan.Holly and I don't really get on,but we did actually have a nice chat after dinner.A good amount of booze lowers my barricades.
Brother Simon was totally trashed! I totally expected him to pass out face first into his dinner!

His wife Mariko,whom I adore,and their daughter Maya.I have a huge soft spot for Maya.Their son Leo was also there,but wouldn't pose politely for a photo!You can see him in the group photo.He was irritated with his Dad for being so pissed and annoying!

My burrito.NOM!

I wolfed it down.Note empty shot glasses.

She loves me,really she does!

Got G to take a couple of frock pics when we got home.We were planning to go and see The Vibrators,but instead came home to watch the All Blacks play Ireland with Brother Mark.
Frock-made by me
Belt-from Andrea's sale
Rose & feather headpiece-made by me
Earrings-Diva,earlier in the day
Necklace-beading by me,pendant from Oaxaca,Mexico,a country & culture I'm just crazy about!
As I type,G is in the kitchen,wearing one of my aprons,whipping up curry for Justine.The smell is phenomenol!!!
He is a wonderfully clever chap!


Miss Claire said...

Ohh, Mexican!! Delicious. I've been meaning to go to the Mexican restaurant near-by, but can never find the time or money. The closest we get is making it those El Paso kits from the supermarket. Still love it to bits! You look amazing, as usual!

Claire xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Love the dress. The fabric is amazing. The necklace is great too. Now I'm hungry for burritos.

Lily said...

Wooooaaahh!! Faaabulous! Love the orange and the red! Brilliant necklace.

Disco Goth said...

You look so beautiful, the outfit and the make up are lovely and you all look like you had such a good time xx

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm not surprised G was leering at you, I'm leering at you, you gorgeous beast! The dress, hair and tights are all spectacular and those earrings are just fan-freaking-taculous!
Don't G and his brothers all look alike?
Our night out woulda been good if we hadn't drawn with the Yanks, how the hell could that happen?

Louise said...

I adore the dress, you look amazing and are so talented to be able to make that! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Gorgeous dress! And great to catch a glimpse of the famous Holly. ;)

Mrs Munster said...

You looks absolutely stunning! No wonder you're man cannot seem to keep his hands off of you :)

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

what pattern is this miss trollop?? so cute

Miss Smilla said...

Fabulous, fabulous colours!

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

You are such a crack up - really you must be one of the few things that are great about CHCH. I love how in love G is with you in that pic like here's my darling, I'm so lucky to have her - aww lovely alright

giddynici said...

Looks like a fab family feast. Mexican always a good choice esp cos you MUST accompany it with Tequila. I agree that G just looks super happy that you are his in the photo! x