Fish tacos for dinner last night.

I had a muck around on a slide show maker thingy I found,and put the result on the bottom right of my blog-check it out and let me know if it's worth keeping,worth pursuing further......or just crap!


E said...

yum, I looooove mexican food. and the slide show is ace :)

Disco Goth said...

Your food always looks so yummy.
The slide show's brilliant! More please!


Vintage Vixen said...

Keep it, brilliant stuff ya crazy fool!!
Those tacos look yummy!

Kel said...

God those tacos look good!!

And the slide show is fun, keep it I say - and add more.

X x

Mrs Munster said...

Delicious looking food! The slide show is adorable!

Louise said...

Lol... I love the funny faces :-) x

Helga! said...

Well,that was all positive!! I'll have another go-technology is not my forte,doing that slideshow took me ages!!!