Popped out to run a couple of errands.Glorious sunshine was ours today,but apparently tomorrow it will all turn to custard!!
Tights-The Warehouse

I did a run to our fave greengrocers,then picked up some coconut cream for G(he is making Indonesian Lamb Curry for Justine tomorrow,as it is her birthday),bought a new bra(sale!)and some earrings,which I will wear tonight-we are going out for Mexican with 2 of G's brothers and their families.Yes,Camel Toe will be making an appearance!The niece & nephews will be there too!We are going to the Mexican Cafe,on Lichfield St.G & I have been there before,they have great music on Friday nights,so we've been there to dance-I looove Latino music,can't really do the moves,but I fake it as best I can.We did go for snacks and margaritas one night ages ago with friends.A "jug" of margaritas cost the earth and was no larger than a big glass.Hummph.But there is a Happy Hour from 6pm,so hopefully there'll be deals on tequila shots!
I intend to frock up to the max.

Anyhow,I've not long been out for a walk,and when I got home,there was Boris,asleep on my sewing table,curled up on some fabric that will become trousers for G.The little shit.I tried to get evidence,but he was determined to make his getaway,and this shot was what I got.
The check material is going to be a frock for me.

Right,going to go and wash my skanky hair now-wish me luck with the knots!


Vintage Vixen said...

Why do cats always do that, a pile of fresh ironing, a new frock, the newspaper..the crafty little buggers take over the minute your backs turned!
Have a fab time and keep your eyes averted from the camel's toe. Our weekend's mostly being spent downing lager and watching footie.
Love the glorious print on the frock and give Justine a birthday hug from me!

Mrs Munster said...

You are looking fabulous. I suppose that's the trouble with cats as they can get everywhere! Hope you had nice time tonite!

Helga! said...

I don't know,Vix,I think our cats just like to cause mayhem!!!
Dinner went really well,ladies,I actually had a great time!