Happy Birthday,Mummy!

My Mother,on the far left of this pic,would have been 81 today. Here she would be late teens,I think?So it would be mid/late 40's.
Beach blanket bingo?!

I love my little swimsuit.As an Aussie,I pretty much grew up at the beach.How does my Mummy look so glam in just dark glasses and togs?!
It came naturally,that's how!


Vintage Vixen said...

Happy Birthday, Mummy! What gorge photos, she was definately the prettiest of the gang. Magificent swimwear it was back then, much more flattering and ladylike and you were such a cutie with your blonde curls!

Mrs Munster said...

Agreeing with Vintage Vixen, you're mum is the prettiest gal in the photo!

Alex said...

She was beautiful. Love that top photo - she's by far the most glam in her gang!

Louise said...

Aw, I can see where you got your glam genes from, she was lovely. What a fabulous little trove of photographs too.

giddynici said...

What lovely pictures. You're mam looks stunning. And aren't you the little cutie in that pic. x