Hotness!-Cynthia Myers......

I'm crook.I got myself a nasty cold.Meh.
So, I thought I would introduce you all to one of my favourite hotties of all time....
Cynthia Myers!!!
She also happens to star in of one of my Top 5 films of all time, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.

Feast thine eyes on perfection!

Those doe-like eyes, those bodacious ta ta's, that big, bouncy hair!!!
Above she is on set with, from left, Russ Meyer (director extraordinaire), Dolly Read and Hugh Hefner.

Sigh.She is still beautiful today.
And below is a pic of when she was Playboy's Miss December 1968.
When women were real, touchable, tan-lined and full furred.

We have our very own copy of this issue, courtesy of our lovely friend Pam. She is from Maryland (somewhere in the North East USA) and her father had an entire collection of Playboys before he passed, many years ago, and they were still in the attic of the family home! When she was home a few years ago, she went through them and found this issue for us!
What a trooper!
Tomorrow I am going to acknowledge an award the awesome Reva has sweetly passed on to me,but tonight I am going to have a couple of green ginger wines and fill more than a few tissues with unspeakable horror..........



Louise said...

That's some big hair... well big everything really... nothing like understated glamour lol! I'd love to have hair that big!

Kel said...

I love the Playboy pic, so much prettier than todays airbrushed, fake look.
Her hair is amazing, and as you say totally bodacious ta ta's!

X x

Smashingbird said...

Flippin' gorgeous!

E said...

Oh wow I love her hair. Holy hell it is epic! Feel better soon!

Kandi said...

She is gorgeous and her hair is amazing!
Hope you feel better soon, make sure you get lots of sympathy, oh and alcohol too :)
Kandi x

giddynici said...

She is hot indeed. Very sultry.

Hope your cold clears soon. x

Mrs Munster said...

I've managed to catch cold and in the summer! What's that all about? Hope both of us get well soon.

Laura said...

What a babe! Love that film too, Russ Meyer is a filthy minded genius. Feel better soon love!

Disco Goth said...

You're right - she is HOTNESS personified!


Helga! said...

So glad you all agree!

Vintage Vixen said...

What a hottie!!! She looks like my beautiful Bollywood Helen what with those lashes and that ma-hoosive hair do!
Trust me to covert the bedspread in the second pic!

Dusk said...

"When women were real,touchable,tan-lined and full furred"

I love that so much!! So true... look at how luscious and divine Cynthia is, just ripe with womanliness.