If Don Juan was a Weird & Trippy Woman!

We watched this yesterday afternoon.It was fecking confusing at times,but rather compelling.
I seem to have a bit of a thing for BB lately,and have realised why Kate Moss has been so successful-she looks so incredibly like BB most of the time.I'm probably the last person to realise this.Very earthy,very sexy,very natural.
Don Juan is from 1973,and the clothes are freakin' fantastic!Most noteable was an orange evening maxi worn by the delectable Jane Birkin.It was G's first experience of young Jane,and he hasn't stopped drooling.

Jane and BB were exceptionally saucy in bed,shame there wasn't any action!!

This bloke on the left,whom BB's character inexpicably destroys emotionally,was classically 70's looking,and quite appealing in a rugged,manly,scarred way.


kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

OOh thanks for this post, I'm always on the lookout for freaky movies. Am going to have to find this now!

Vintage Vixen said...

Wowser, BB sure looks hot in those shots. Gonna have to check this film out.

Alex said...

Ha, got to love a deliciously scarred hero!

Ivy Black said...

Hoorahh! I love this little film..it's as mad as a sack of snakes! I have a birthday card which is a still with BB and JB in bed! Love it..xx

Disco Goth said...

Kate Moss DOES look like her doesn't she? I've not noticed before either!
I might well investigate this film.


Helga! said...

Gagging to know what you guys make of this flick!