It's not hard,

in my opinion,to spot me in this school photo.
Doesn't my teacher look funky?! I can't remember her name,but I can remember quite a few of my fellow students names,surprisingly.

Anyhow,check out my Mummy! Here she is with my elder sister Wendy,in the late 50's,in Queensland.
Just in case you couldn't spot me,see below.The boy on the far right of me,Brian,was my boyfriend.I once fell into his paddle pool and had to wear a pair of his shorts home.Mummy made me give them back.The girl to my immediate left was my neighbour and best friend,Maria.She,her little sister Teresa and I used to make up dance routines to Abba and perform for our mothers.They were Italian,her mother didn't speak a word of English,her father drove a Valiant,and I used to hang out there all the time.They took me to weddings,parties,it was awesome!Italians really know how to have a good time!

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Bug said...

Hee, hee what lovely memories. I love the part about the shorts. You were a cute kid. Adore the pic of your mom!

Nefertiti said...

hooooo tu etais toute mignonne avec tes couette !

les uniformes ca j ai pas connue c etait p etre mieux vu nos looks des photos de classe,lol

bonne journee ;O)

Kandi said...

I spotted you straight away! How cute you were with blonde ringlets! You mum looks amazing in that dress too.
Kandi x

Vintage Vixen said...

You little cutie! How cool is that teacher? Wow! I rather like the blond boy with the specs, he looks just like Jon did when he was a kid!
Your Mummy is the picture of elegance, rather like you, darling!

Alex said...

I didn't have such cool teachers!

Love the pic of your mum. Do you have any of her clothing? She always looks fab in the photos you've shown us.

vintagebirdy said...

old photographs! i love them!!

{no, it's not about birds}

Helga! said...

No,Alex,I don't have any of my Mummy's clothing;she didn't keep anyhthing!Dammit!
I wish I could remember my teachers name!
Thanks for enjoying my memories with me,you lovely ladies!!!