The Joy of Weekends!

Goodness!We had some splendid sunshine on Friday,so we decided to go out for Thai after we took Boris for his pedicure.

Stopping on the way,of course,for a little photoshoot.




Frock-made by me



Shoes-Sydney(Raben Footwear)

My precious G.

We always go to the Aroy Thai,run by the lovely Damian & his wife Jamnong.

Fecking outstanding Thai!Best in town,we think,and due to having been to Thailand many times,we consider ourselves to be pretty good judges!

Hurrah,here's our whole fish with chilli & ginger.......mmmm.......

Nom nom nom

Then we popped in to vist Justine,Mikel & Baby Rose......

Sleepy muppet!

Off for a walkie!

Got home to find these had arrived!(Bought them off Trade Me).I love parcels!

Saturday.I went out opshopping with the ever so pretty Andrea.

Hairflower-my darling Vix .(I heart her!)
Frock-opshopped and customised;I made the bow out of the cut off hem & a bit of gingham,it has a hairclip on the back;I've got it safety pinned on here.
Petticoat-not seen,opshopped

We had a jolly good day,I think we went to 6 opshops in total,including one we had never seen before which required a demon braking manouver to get to!

We ended up in Brighton,at a cafe at the end of the pier this was our view over lunch.

We both picked up some lovely treats!
Then Saturday night was band practice after a potluck dinner.

Bought this 70's frock today.

Nix was looking especially saucy!!Love the lurex!
Today(Sunday)we have not even got out of bed.We've been drinking bubbly,watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy,eating chocolate,cheese & crackers,and a mighty fine Indonesian lamb between I've been slowly loading these pics today,as neither of us wear pj's..........hahahahaha,yes,I'm starkers!!!
Boris is a happy boy-he's been able to worship at the Altar of the Hot Grey Ghost all day......we've all found it so delightfully relaxing......and we still have Monday off!YAY!!!
Right then,off to finish the Two Towers and then we have Return of the King to watch,assuming I keep my peepers open.........


Vintage Vixen said...

Yay for long weekends and naked postings!
Thai food, op-shopping, lazy lunches, band sessions and boozing...absolutely spectacular. You look gorgeous in every single shop, all those fabulous dresses...wah! Hail to the fabulous Helga!!
Very quiet one for us, but we are out later as the weather is actually sunny and hot and it would be a shame to waste it.
Speak soon my sweetie!

Roo Paprika said...

Happy weekend! All sounds fantastic