One Night At Al's

The evening started off in a civilised manner.
The lovely Jo came for dinner,we had mushroom soup followed by smoked chicken and porcini cannelloni,steamed green beans and rosemary potatoes.
We quaffed some excellent wine that Jo bought along(she is a wine writer and consequently always has devastatingly good wine)and chatted about her house renovations.

Looking classy,we made our move to go.
I love Jo's purse,she scored it for 1 whole pound in London a few years ago.Very Mary Quant looking.Matches her tights beautifully!
I'm in the frock I opshopped yesterday,It's 60's.Underneath I am wearing a girdle in an attempt to tame the bloat.It didn't really help.
Carrying handbag bought at the last Shabby Chic Market I went to,tights from Farmers and Wild Pair shoes bought on sale.
Before the bands,Jo did an hour of DJing,spinning some fabulous 80's numbers.Then there was a saucy minx who did a geisha themed burlesque number.I quite enjoyed it,it was quite different.
The Joy Division covers band,Permanence,are really good.Absolutely spot on.Killer bassist and drummer.I was outside(evidence coming right up) during The Cure covers band,Primary,which is the same people-the same guy does Ian Curtis and Robert Smith-so I wasn't really paying attention.Apparently they didn't nail it very well.They had an extra guitarist who had the wrong sound and kept improvising that stuffed it up.The place was packed,crawling with old & young Goths and Punks,and a couple of drunken twats cavorting annoyingly in front of the stage.No,I wasn't one of them!
Whatever.I was hanging with the girls.......

Bela, Amber and Miriam

Jo,Justine(her first night out since baby!)and I.We've all had quite a bit to drink by this point.

I'm not sure what it is about being drunk and having a camera.I laughed so much my head hurt and I cried!

Justine's shoes!!!!!!

I caught up with Jeff,whom I haven't seen for probably 15 years at least!!

We are attempting to look intellectual.

My head isn't too bad!In fact,I'm having a glass of wine right now!



Vintage Vixen said...

Eeeeekkkkkk! I read your fabulous post this morning but was so awe-inspired by your frock, friends and frolics that I forgot to comment, durrrrr!
It looks like soooo much fun, I want to be there with you,too. Loving the intellectual posturing, your outfit, Jo's hair, goddamn it I LOVE everything.

Disco Goth said...

You all look so completely glamorous! have to say I don't know how Justine does it...


a cat of impossible colour said...

Hee! Looks like fun.

Louise said...

I would like Jo's hair, your handbag and Justine's shoes... please... go on.... x

Helga! said...

Yeah,Jo's hair IS fab!Immaculate even!

Alex said...

You have the most stylish friends!! Justine is the most glam new mum I've ever seen and I. Want. Her. Shoes.

giddynici said...

I want Justine's shoes!!!! x