Purple People Eating

Darryl took these pics before we went to band practice last night.Behold my fabulous frock I received from the glorious Vix!

So I slapped on a pile of blue & purple eyemakeup,some purple lipstick and away we went.

Now,I had forgotten to show you the frocks I bought when I was out opshopping the other week with Andrea.Here they are!
Today I am suffering from PMT and am massively bloated.So I took myself out for a spot of opshopping before doing a few groceries.

I was stoked to find another suitcase,plus some quirky flats-not really my style,but I felt compelled to buy them for some reason!2 packets of 60's stockings,2 crazy hats and a spotty scarf.
Plus these 2 frocks! I think I'll wear the one on the right tonight.With a girdle.BLOATARAMA!
We are off to Al's Bar to see Permanence,a Joy Division covers band,and some band-I think it may be the same people-doing Cure covers.The Goths'll be out tonight!!
I have to go and get frocked up,our friend Jo is coming for dinner,and I have to be on time as she is DJing before the bands!
Bring on the wine!


piglet said...

So many wonderful finds! And love both of the purple outfits, it suits you.

Roo Paprika said...

Some beautiful frocks, I especially love that red and white one in the bottom photo.

Love the idea of a band that does both Cure and Joy Division tributes. Is the same person both Robert Smith and Ian Curtis?

Vintage Vixen said...

OMG! That purple maxi looks like it was made-to-measure. What a tremendous haul of fab frocks and yet another fabbo suitcase. I reckon we may have an unofficial "I've got more cases than you" war taking place.
Get that girdle on and get shoe-gazing at the goth-tastic 80's sounds. Weirdly, I was playing The Cure yesterday, Robert Smith was such a hottie back in the day.
Have a great night, you sexy beast.

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

ahhhh that purple dress is amazing. pretty sure they had you in mind when they were making it!!! Ah may zing

Mrs Munster said...

I just adore your funky style! The purple dress is oh-so pretty.

Helga! said...

Yeah,that purple frock fits like a glove!!!

Disco Goth said...

I think I'm in love with the purple dress and the make up looks fab with it too!


giddynici said...

Lots of fabulous finds. x