Self Indulgence

Allow me to bore you silly with myself..........

Going out for a spot of recording last night.Note bumpit.
Necklace-gift from G
Tights-Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me(just this week)
G said the funniest thing this afternoon.We had popped into a mall near work to get Justine's birthday pressie,and as we walked along he said "are you getting prettier,or are women getting uglier?"
Pissing around with the camera in the fading sunlight this afternoon:

Earrings-our friends Mike and Claire at mixdmediumz .Boris' former parents.

Spot Boris.

Frock-70's maxi,opshopped,customised
Tights-my darling Vix (bless,Jon!)
Shoes-Trade Me
I am currently enjoying a gin and tonic.G's band,Snuffbox,will be practising in our front room tonight.I may go visit Justine.I may not.
We'll see.


Vintage Vixen said...

Wow! You are a stunner. Two tremendous frocks, legs and cleavage, too! No wonder G's happy.
I need the story behind each ring, pretty please, you sexy minx.

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Lovin' the shoes-they are lizard, non? If not they look like it from here, ha ha. You're looking good as always :)

Kandi said...

I hope you replied to G that is was you getting prettier!
Kandi x

Miss Claire said...

i LOVE those stockings.

And what a sweetheart! He must be grateful to have such a well-dressed lass!

Claire x

Alex said...

Look at your legs in that second dress - wow! Both pairs of tights are fab :D

Kel said...

Look at your legs!!! swit swoooo (and other leery building site cheers!)
Lovely colour on you, and the pearls are great.
I love the rings also, I'm a big fan of finger adornment.

And what a nice thing of G to say!!

X x

Mrs Munster said...

Loving the outfits. Your G sounds like a perfect gentleman!

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous as ever! And what a lovely chap you have to say such a thing..xx

MeLiZZa Video Blog said...

love your blog

Sahakiel said...

The first tights are simply great, love them! And the dress from the second outfit... simply gorgeous!! Looks so fatastic!

Helga! said...

Wa-hey,thanks for the lovely words,ladies!
G IS a sweetie.....he knows I appreciate him!
Vix,I shall divulge on the rings tomorrow,probably...too lazy to take another pic today!x

Sak said...

Lovely finger rings..u look awesome in all your outfits..

Helga! said...

O,KvK,the shoes are just faux snake!!

Disco Goth said...

Both absolutely gorgeous outfits! G is such a sweetie isn't he? xx