Tagged and Treats!

The ever so lovely Prudence has tagged me for a show and tell of what is in my handbag!

Well,here is the handbag in question,my everyday handbag.It's vintage,it's a Rex,an iconic label aound here it seems,judging by the amount of old ladies who exclaim over my possessing one!
I was quite excited and immediately emptied everything out on the desk next to me for photographing.

Here is all the crap I manage to cram into it.

We'll take it slowly......
A make 10 purchases get 1 free card from Equip,my security card for work.
My shabby wallet that I keep trying to get away from,but it holds everything I need so well,a couple of squidgy things to use in a shoe if necessary,some gold stars,my glasses case,a receipt for a wine tasting I paid in advance for,a shopping list,a prescription to be filled,my sunnies and their case.
More gold stars,some paracetomol,a kitty flash drive,lipgloss from Thailand,lip plumper from Avon,a receipt from the last parcel I sent to Vix,my cell phone,a docket for a handbag I'm having repaired,a pen,my keys.
The purse on the left has lippie & a compact in it.(I found a russian doll type set for $1.Very useful.)Bits of paper,more gold stars,a notebook for ideas & lists,an atomiser with a mix of jasmine oil & water,an empty purse,another purse with other cards in it,2 skanky hankies.O,and a paddle pop stick.
So there you have it!
I tag:
Mrs Munster

And then,I came home to a package of delights from my very special twin!

Boris was desperate to try out a bindi.......

Anyway,here I am today.We are going out for drinks straight after work with a friend we haven't seen for ages.Then we will go for dinner. Thai!(What else?!)
Red Alert!
Shoes-K Mart sale
Amazing necklace and cuff-Vix


daisymay said...

What a great loot and your kitty looks cute with the bindi!

Miss Claire said...

The lady in red :) Wow, I think I need a twin to buy clothes for and receive exciting packages from!

I just ate yummy left over Massaman Thai curry for lunch!

xx Claire

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

ooohh, what did Vix send you?? Model the dresses please!

Prutha said...

hahaha..cant get over the cat wearing bindi...love the red polka dotted dress

Kel said...

Good bag cramming skills!! :)

Look at Boris with his bindi! great little parcel from the Vix, she's a good egg isn't she! hehe

X x

p.s I'm jealous of the thai! I bloody love that stuff.

Alex said...

Ooh thank you for the tag! My bag is so full of crap I may have to wait a while before attempting to take pics of it!

Can't wait to see you wearing that amazing purple dress.

ps - Boris you stylish devil you.

Vintage Vixen said...

Ha! Boris is making Stephen very inadequate, he wants a bindi, too! How cool does that jewellery look on you? The frock and red tights are pretty tremendous, too!
I can't believe you get so much in a bag,I recognise that glasses case 'cos I have the matching make-up bag and the billiard ball on your keyring matches Gilbert's gearstick...freaky!!!!
Loving the granny bag, looks like a suitcase, which can only be a good thing.

Disco Goth said...

Ooh you get so much in your bag, I think I want one! I love that you have gold stars in there.
You must wear that beautiful purple dress as soon as possible and blog it for us all to see!


prettyneons said...

Whoa very very cool finds indeed.
I love that red dress of yours.
Can I have it?
haha !
I love red, going through a red phase right now.


Sarah said...

wow, thats a lot of stuff to carry around!
Your cat is sooo cute with the bindi- hahah xx

Louise said...

Hey, I love your handbag. Aren't old dears wonderful when they coo over your wears? I have some jacqmar scarves which illicit the same response... it's fab. I love your little makeup bags too, and think Boris looks fab in a bindi... and has a cool name... Boris lol!

Helga! said...

I word the purple frock last night-will update later!
Glad you all enjoyed my furbaby with his bindi!!

Lily said...

Hahaha I adore your Rex!

You absolutely do not want to see the contents of my handbag. It's a DISGRACE!!!!!