Wet,windy & woolly

It has been the shitiest weather here,rainy,windy,generally stay indoors weather-which we did for 1 1/2 days-but today we decided it was time for a wee stroll to get some fresh air.Just down the road from us is Avebury House,the original homestead house of the area,probably from Edwardian times.Great old building.There's an excellent playground out back, perfect for kiddies and drunks.So I hear.

Coat-vintage,bought from a lady I once worked with
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-vintage tooled leather,opshopped

This is one of the few pieces of Mummy's jewellry I have,a lovely bracelet with genuine imitaion agate?The stones might be real,but the "gold"certainly isn't!!

My G,all snuggly in his grey coat that Justine found for him,crazy beanie and trousers I made for him.

And underneath it all I was wearing this fab 70's "twinset" that I got a few weeks ago when our friend Ralph was down.The pic is a bit blurry,must be the medicinal wine(green ginger wine-and whisky,makes a whisky mac.Spicey nom nom)required urgently upon arriving home........

*Always double click on photos to make them bigger,if you don't already.........:)


Vintage Vixen said...

I just adore the orange and brown combo! Mrs Slocombe would be so proud. The coat, boots and hat make for a glorious contrast with your hair. That gilt bracelet is a beaut! Who wants gold? Far too tacky in my opinion!
G looks fabbo, love the sk8r-boi beenie!
The house looks very spooky, I'd be a bit scared venturing there past darkness.
Speak soon (I hope)

Helga! said...

As long as Mrs Slocombe would be proud,I'm happy,dahl!!Yeah,I don't like going through there at night!!xxx

Disco Goth said...

Today's outfit is definitely one of my faves, you must have a thousand amazing coats! G's outfit is a stroke of genius too - does he have an equally stunning collection?


Mrs Munster said...

Awesome outfits and I love the trousers you've made for ur lad!

Helga! said...

Yes,DG,G does have a stunning collection,although he tries to deny it!He is just as keen on clothes as me!!

RETRO REVA said...

I love these pics!!! And the bracelet is cool however I was digging the silver finger candy as well! I am a sucker for anything big and silver! ( Especially big! ;) I'm kinda bad.... But I'm not working on it at the moment :)

Laura said...

Amazing twinset! Also, you have the most wonderful collection of fur coats, REALLY jealous!