Bouncing Back like a Rubber Ball!

Frock-opshopped and customised
Shoes-Andrea's sale
Hi Vis-NZ Safety
I tell you, working just 4 hours on a Friday is the best.
I'm off to Hanmer for the night with Jo tomorrow, so I did the shopping for it this afternoon, then virtuously had a walk, and visited Justine, Mikel, and Baby Rose. Tried to encourage Baby Rose to have a poo, as she hasn't unloaded for 2 days! Imagine the horror that's brewing in those wee bowels........
G and the Snuffbox boys are practicing tonight; they have a gig in 2 weeks and are still breaking in their new drummer. So I'm going to escape and go and have a drinkie with Kahny, a dear friend of ours who has been up to far too much work and not enough fun. He is doing his Masters or such such highbrowed nonsense in Art History. I'm gonna chuck a few glasses of wine down his gullet. I don't doubt that there'll be boys reeling around the house when I get back; there's Canadian Club and whisky out.......
But first,G is going to make me nachos! Hurrah! One of my most favourite foods in the universe!
O,and go check out my latest blog crush! He's just divine dahls!

Whose freakin' idea was it to go to the pub on a school night????!!!

Yup. This is how I feel today.

It's all a blur......1 wine turned into 3, I think......

This is what I do remember :

Saying "yes, I'd love another wine, thanks!"
Discussing the merits of having a bar snack, ie: something fried, and deciding I would do a vege stir fry when we got home.
Shrieking hysterically whilst G dubbed me home on the back of the bicycle.
Suggesting we watch an episode of "Mad Men"(just got it out on DVD,loving it,don't understand why Peggy screwed Pete Campbell-que??!) and putting it on.

This is what I don't remember:

Chopping vegetables without cutting myself.
Cooking said vegetables without burning myself.
The opening of a bottle of wine.
Watching an episode of "Mad Men".
Eating dinner.
Going to bed.

o dear,o dear!

Old enought to know better, but young enough not to care!

more coffee required.

A Scent of Arse In The Night

Isn't it?!
We call Wednesday "hump day". It's payday, which is always a good thing, but also the middle of the week, and once we are over the hump, it's just Thursday and then Friday 4 hours and the weekend!!!
Yes, people get quite jolly on Hump Day where I work!

Woke up to a bitter frost this morning. That'll be why I was stirred in the wee hours by Boris, nosing me to get under the duvet. I lifted the duvet up, and under he scooted. I was still half-asleep, and dozing off, when I suddenly realised I could smell cats arse. UGH!
The little toad had just gone in head first, and plopped, with his bum pointing at my face, and his tail flicking around my eyebrow, and I got a noseful of skanky cat bumhole. Most unpleasant.
Usually he turns around and snuggles up against my tummy. Maybe he was trying to make a point of some sort??? I have no idea, but I don't find that kind of carry on very conjusive to snuggling.
He got a good talking to this morning, I can tell you.

Frock-70's deadstock, Madame Butterfly's
Cuff and necklace-my beloved Vix

Time for a Gratuitous Pic of Colin.....

O, my lovely, chocolatey eyed Colin!!
I haven' t feasted upon your luciousness for sooooo long!
Do come for dinner, darling Colin. But leave wifey behind!

Sweet Treats and Sunday Dinner

Look what I got!! A parcel of delight from my darling Vix !!! Fabulous cruisewear, goodies galore!!! Yay! We'll have matching toenails- when it's warm enough for me to get mine out!
Thank you darling!
Sunday afternoon was spent with Justine, Mikel, and baby Rose. Justine helped me finish up a meal of Indian deliciousness! G and I had decided to push ourselves and cook a new recipe each. (Sorry, Vix darling, there was carnage involved)
G did a slow roast Indian style lamb, and I did a chicken tikka masala, and both dishes were scrumptious!!

Yes, I'm wearing leopard ears. And yes, there are kitchen implements being used in a threatening manner.
Ah, Sunday dinner with friends. There's nothing better!

Jamming Out with a Whole Lotta Can's Out!

OMG, we had the BEST night last night!! Wah!!!!
Much whooping and a hollering, galloping around and laughing! Yay!
Jam Out with Your Can Out is a charity event organised by our Nix. 4 bands ,entry fee a can, or a blanket, donations accepted. Also a sausage sizzle, and all proceeds to the City Mission.

The lineup was:
Loafer(that's us!)
Tim Moore
The Eastern
The Unfaithful Ways
Above is the whole lineup, at the end of The Eastern's set, having a mass jam out/singalong (or clapalong if you didn't know the words) to a June Carter song. The Eastern are very country/rock, and fecking fantastic!! I now have a crush on Adam, the singer/guitarist ,as he is soooo lovely. Covered with tattoos, I found myself wondering where else on his body they may lie..........grrrrrrrrr!!!

Anyhow, my darling friend Liz came along and helped out. We had a whole lotta fun, messing around with the supermarket carts full of cans.

She is one HOT foxy mama!

Look! 4 carts of cans! And there were some blankets!
It was an awesome turnout and an awesome response!
Our Nix is a bloody ripper of an organiser ,and it looks like we'll have an annual event!
O, and we played really well, and I didn't make a tit of myself......much.........!!!
*Frock-made by me
Tights-pink from Farmers,white whale nets over top from Trade Me
Shoes-Wild Pair and very frcking uncomfortable!
Hairbow-some Asian shop
Cuff & Necklace-Vix

Hair with Helga 101 !

Good morning all, here is my first ever video performance!!!

I hope it is audible enough, and that my makeup free face isn't too shocking!!!

It is a little out of synch, no idea what to do about that! I am completely new to this lark!!

I'm wearing my classy 70's housecoat I bought a while back, as I have literally just gotten had of bed, had a shower and washed my skanky hair, and dried it.

O,you lucky, lucky creatures! Not everyone gets to see Helga in the raw !!!


Shoe Porn,you say!? How about Costume Porn?!

All those platforms yesterday made me want to watch one of my favourite films,Velvet Goldmine,again.Porntastic quality costumes!!!!OMG,I love them!Mega inspirational.Sandy Powell is the most fantastic costume designer.
Of course,having Jonathan Rhys-Myers in them helps!!I'm not a huge fan of him,but he is rather marvellous in this film.

I adore the street scene outfits.Just think of all those little glam rockers running around looking divine!Oh!I would have liked to be one of them!

I couldn't find any good pics of the womens costumes,dammit.Toni Collette had some fantastic numbers.

Fecking love this!!G would looking quite fetching prancing around in this outfit.He prances ever so well..
I would like to say that I don't find Ewan McGregor attractive, but I do love how very willing he is to get out his rather splendid wang at every opportunity.I've lost count of how many times I've seen his wang in a film!I love his performance in Velvet Goldmine,the best bit being when he drops his trousers onstage and waggles his wang about.Fantastic!
Actually,on the subject of wangs in film,there's a great wang at half mast in Angels & Insects.(Awesome film,that)Not meaning to digress at all,just thought I'd mention it.I always note wangs on display in films,as it isn't all that common,unless it's porn.
Anyway,I shall scan some more pics out of that Platform book next week.My mission this weekend is to show you how I do my hair and makeup.It's been a while coming.I'm sure it'll be good for a laugh.I've had a few requests,and have been meaning to do it......I just get sidetracked.
Any other requests???
Polite ones,I mean!!!!

Platform Glory!

I bought this book off Trade Me a year or so ago.Just look at some of it's delights!

ooo,love these!

The bottom right ones with the snakey detail are rather flash!
These T-straps are pretty swish too!

I have always said that I feel I was born to wear ridiulous heels.Shame I was just a bit too young in the 70's to get maximum enjoyment out of platforms.
But I have more than made up for lost time!

Highlander?Lowlander,more like!

So here's the new cruising frock I scored the other day, plus this 70's ish style hat. The frock has batwing sleeves, which I'm not at all sure about, but fits beautifully. Digging the print.
The hat is inspired by my beloved Vix . She wears a floppy hat so well!

Here is my next sewing project. I was given this fabric ages ago, and think I am finally ready to do something with it. This pattern is actually a maternity frock!! Ha! I have a bit of a pot, so it won't need much tweaking, I shouldn't think!!! Mostly the usual for it to fit the booboids. Not sure if I will make the maxi or the midi; probably the midi. Depends on how much fabric there is.

Awesome response to yesterdays post, lovelies. Poor old things we are!!! Y'know, I didn't start drinking until I was 22!! Of course, there were other things involved in my partying until then. I reckon it was my ex-husband who drove me to drink!!! And I've been beating my poor liver with a stick ever since! I have had phases of not drinking much, or at all, but lately I'm always in the mood to get good and sloshed. Perhaps I'm heading for a mid-life crisis?!
But further to one's loony youth-the risks I used to take! I am sooooo lucky to have never gotten into any real trouble! 9 lives, for sure! I'm definetly so much more cautious these days. Boring even. Am keen to revive a bit of my former adventurousness.......there are still fun times to be had, without behaving like a complete wanton nutter! Just a part one!!!
Yeah, better to burn out than to fade away!!!

Yet another blast from my past....

Me in 1988.

1990,with Gillian,before one of the many infamous Old Mill parties.
(The Old Mill was literally an old flour mill,converted somewhat haphazardly into apartments and inhabited by musos & artists in the late 80's/early 90's.A lot of very messy parties/gigs are dimly remembered......I lived there for a brief period,Gillian lived in a huge top floor apartment for years).
I seem to be having a bit of a renaissance at the moment,and thinking a lot about all the crazy shit I got up to back then.I couldn't physically cope with it now!!!Good times,though,some life changing and character making experiences too.

A G Spot

This was my G on Friday night,looking tres retro and tres sexy!!


70's shirt-can't remember!
70's beige pinstripe slacks-gift
Ass-Mother Nature's blessing!
I love him!

The Night was Allllright!

I'm a laaaaaydee!

Finished my frock!Huzzah!Wearing a cheap-arse mini hat from an Asian shop up the road.
I think I look quite fascinating.
Bloody good night last night.Here I am in the loo at the Wundebar,a fine institution in Lyttleton.Shame it's over the hill and far away,or I'd go more often.

The bar,attended by von Leon,who also hosts Cross Dressing Sunday here every......well,Sunday.Nice chap.Lives with the lovely Claire Therd,a mighty fine,if somewhat macabre,taxidermist.(Fancy a handbag made out of a cat?Maybe a cat with wings?She's your girl.)

von Leon(no relation),as part of the Masters of our Universe.They were awesome.Just von Leon & a drummer.

Nix and I having a pose off at D's,in between soundcheck and the gig.

G's brother Simon came along,and kindly took a couple of pics.I liked this one best.
We were well and truly on form and the audience seemed to be terribly appreciative.
Good practice run for Jam Out With Your Can Out,a charity gig that Nix has organised for next Saturday at Al's Bar!
(good god,those tits!Put them away!)

Saturday is for Swinging


My tights/socks drawer.Chaos reigns!!!
Nearly finished frock for tonight.

Needs a damn good press.Esp the collar.I have just spent the last hour on all the handstitching required to finish it.When I'm done with you lovelies,I shall press the feck out it.....
The bow is one of a bunch I picked up at an opshop a while back.They have these fab clips in back for attaching to the collar.Probably were for square dancing!!

See new ring on my pinky.Genuine imitation plastic,from an opshop in Sydenham yesterday afternoon.Also scored a fab frock & hat,perfect for cruising-will expose them tomorrow.Can't be arsed right now!!!!!
Popped into town with Justine today for a poke around,coffee & a snack.Dreary old grey day.

Gotta go press this frock and make myself more beautiful for tonight!!!