1/2 an hour

I get a 1/2 hour lunchbreak.Usually I spend it with G,in the cafe,reading and having lunch.
Occassionally I get the urge for a little splurge.
There are 3 opshops in the general area of our work.2 down Riccarton Rd,and 1 in Addington.I can get to one of these and back in 1/2 hour in the car,so once in a while I'll pop out.This week I went to the 2nd opshop down Riccarton Rd,and picked up a few little goodies....

I'm quite pleased with the trilby.I'm gonna give it a leopard print trim.
The red nightie has sweet little white bits,not sure what I will do with it,but it was cute enough.
Cuisine magazine is a NZ food mag,quite gourmet,darlings.Sweet for $1.
2 belts,a darkish tan one and a "dainty metal"(as G called it)one.It has flat studs on it.
2 tartan scarves,I'll use them for something-or-other.
I love tartan!
Almost as much as I love spots!


Vintage Vixen said...

Half an hour well spent there, my darling. Actually the whole ensemble looks rather fetching together. A leopard trimmed trilbby sounds glorious, G will be a proper cruising dandy.
I never wear nighties but that's cute enough to wear as a summer frock.

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Nice Loot!

CalamityJem said...

Wicked hat, I'm mad on hats at the moment & I've pledged to make this year, the year when I make them more of a staple in my everyday ensembles.
People simply don’t wear enough of them!
I also have an ardent fondness for tartan, perhaps being a complete prints & patterns geek explains it but there's also the fact that my beloved hubby is a highlander.
I definitely consider tartan an autumn/winter wardrobe perennial.
Have a lovely weekend Helga!

Ivy Black said...

Half an hour well spent. A proper way to spend a lunch break...better than noshing a sarnie over the keyboard. x

Disco Goth said...

That was definitely a good way to spend half an hour. The nightie is so sweet!