Bouncing Back like a Rubber Ball!

Frock-opshopped and customised
Shoes-Andrea's sale
Hi Vis-NZ Safety
I tell you, working just 4 hours on a Friday is the best.
I'm off to Hanmer for the night with Jo tomorrow, so I did the shopping for it this afternoon, then virtuously had a walk, and visited Justine, Mikel, and Baby Rose. Tried to encourage Baby Rose to have a poo, as she hasn't unloaded for 2 days! Imagine the horror that's brewing in those wee bowels........
G and the Snuffbox boys are practicing tonight; they have a gig in 2 weeks and are still breaking in their new drummer. So I'm going to escape and go and have a drinkie with Kahny, a dear friend of ours who has been up to far too much work and not enough fun. He is doing his Masters or such such highbrowed nonsense in Art History. I'm gonna chuck a few glasses of wine down his gullet. I don't doubt that there'll be boys reeling around the house when I get back; there's Canadian Club and whisky out.......
But first,G is going to make me nachos! Hurrah! One of my most favourite foods in the universe!
O,and go check out my latest blog crush! He's just divine dahls!


Kel said...

Haha! So much to laugh at in this post. Love the pictures (you make high vis look vintage!!) :) the brewing bowels (oh no!)

Glad you got over the hangover, and hope you enjoyed your nachos.


Mazzy Boy said...

Awwww you listed me as a blog crush? I'm sure a batty babe like yourself has fags by the bucketfuls at your kitten heels asking you to sing for them. You're up there with Midler sweets for costumes...the Divine Miss H.

The yellow shoes are tops, babes!

Oh by the way, have you seen the odd yet fabulous documentary (there is a movie by the same name about the same people) made in the 70's called "Grey Gardens"? Your flashes of colour make me think of little Edie.

I added you to my sidebar, and thanks so much for being a sweetie and giving me a shout out on your page. Whats a girl to do, eh?

Kandi said...

How well the high viz clashes with the tights, let's be honest you are one of the few people I know that really does not need high Viz, you are wonderfully and highly visable all the time! I was worried that you might click those lovely tights in that warehouse with those high leg antics lol :)
Kandi x

Alex said...

You do hi-viz better than anyone I know. I bet the boys in the warehouse were fairly dazzled!

Where/what is Farmers? You seem to have some truly wonderful things from there and I'm most jealous!

Mazzy Boy said...

Alright, so not only did I add you to my sidebar, you also got a little writeup in the end of my newest post about supermodels. Baby, you're a star!

Vintage Vixen said...

How marvellously fabulous you are! You make the high viz vest a true garment of couture, sweetie.
Have the most wonderful of weekends.
Vix xxxx

Loulou said...

High-vis glam... a vision in neon, so you are! What fabulous shoes, I'm thoroughly jealous.

Enjoy Hanmer, I have fond memories of the springs.

Bonnie said...

Followed over from Vix's and am enjoying my visit immensely! I love all the color going on with your outfit and those shoes, I do *heart* a pretty Mary Jane.

BTW, that hangover shot is reminiscent of an episode at a friends house in which my apple martini kept getting refilled without me even realizing it. After my ??? drink the room started spinning. let's just say it was a nite to remember, or not, and I have not touched an apple martinis since.

Have a lovely weekend, B.

Disco Goth said...

Damn you look so much more important than me in hi vis! I'll have to work on that one haha xx

Helga! said...

I've not been able to find a pink his vis yet,when I do,I shall be truly superb!!
Welocme aboard,Bonnie!!
Aw,Mazzy,you sweet wee poofy possum!!!xxx