Here's a couple of pics of me from my last band,Swamp Donkeys.

And one of our set lists.we had some stonkingly rockin' songs,with thought provoking lyrics.
I just found an old photo album,so will pop a few in for a laugh from time to time.
G was also in this band(as was the drummer in Loafer and the drummer in G's band Snuffbox)and he had some amaaaaaazing outfits,some of which I made,so a G Spot will be coming up.


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

excuse me nurse, i think i need a sponge bath! haha

Vintage Vixen said...

Sponge bath for me, too! You hot rocking chick! How naughty.
Those song titles make me laugh, so blinking rude!! G Spot purlease!!

Kandi said...

Oooohhh Matron!
Kandi x

Mrs Munster said...

:) The first outfit is really rocking!

giddynici said...

How very saucy! x

Ivy Black said...

Helga, you are the girl!!!
I met someone called Minge Grinder once....he worked in IT. x

Alex said...

Helga you minx!! Those photos are wonderful and I adore the set list. Hopefully the lyrics were suitably naughty.

Smashingbird said...

I ponied my sister?!?!

prettyneons said...

lol last sentence has two meanings right?haha
aww I love reading your posts they always make me chuckle.
prettyneons x

Helga! said...

I should have known you lot would also have Nurse fetishes!!!Hahahaha
I'll share some lyrics

Disco Goth said...

Amazing! Please tell me you recorded? I think I need a cd!