Crimplene/Bumpit Love!

Ah,the background is a little too dark to get the full effect of another bumpit day!

Renay ,bless her little heart,has asked for a bumpit tutorial!Bahahahahahaha!Darl,I am the worst teacher on earth,far too impatient.However,I mentioned it to G,as he is an excellent teacher,and he's going to help me come up with something!Hurrah,I could be the guru of bumpits!

(More like the wally of bumpits!)

I don't really do anything flash.In fact,Kel is the most qualified to help us all out!

But I'll do my best.We are away this weekend,so will try and get something jacked up for next week..........oooo,anticipation!

I got my bumpits off Trade Me,incidentally.the NZ equivalent of Ebay.$10 for a set of 5.2 small(I gave them to Nix,as I have no time for small hair),2 medium and 1 big.Of course,I favour the big one the most,but for work I wear the medium.

Today I am wearing my lovely crimplene two piece.I got this for $3 at a local opshop,and the old dear behind the counter,as she was putting it into a bag,said"you'll never need to iron this,dear!"What a sweetie.
I have had varied-but nice-comments all morning.In particular,I apparently look either posh or like an Air Hostess.I prefer the latter.Someone else said I look all fancy,like I'm going to a funeral.Ahem.
Also wearing:
Shoes-Hannah's sale
O,good heavens,it's JULY?!


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

haha wooo hoooo. We dont need fancy tutorials, just a little show and tell will be fine. This outfit does look a little posh. are you off to church? the jacket is gorgeous. meoww

Vintage Vixen said...

"A kick and a punch, first day of the month".
I'm sure my Grandma had the very same outfit in photographs of her back in the late sixties and she was, like you, the epitome of chic.
Blimey the vicar would be bowled over by your fabulousness if you showed up at the church dressed like that.
You are always very posh.

The Spooky Dolly said...

OMG... that is so cool,,, I was also thinking that a tutorial would be awesome... I wanna rock a bumpit too :)

Kel said...

I can see the air hostess vibe!
Good bumpit work, I've got to get me some of these - muchos better than backcombing and would help me out doing wedding hair.

Thanks for the little shout out! :)

X xx

Louise said...

Yey, looking good as always. Ok, I know I'm going to sound dense, but what is a bumpit? x

Disco Goth said...

It definitely has that air hostess vibe, it looks fab as usual =)