Found this pic I hadn't posted!Yay,straight out of Helga's freshest vaults!
This is a fave 70's frock,was perhaps once a maxi,no idea.Worn with my fave 70's wedges and some sweet-ass minty green tights.
Speaking of tights,I'd like to have a brief whine about how icky the feet part gets-I'm forever soaking the feckers-and why o why does the crutch cause such endless drama?!Ripping,drooping,carrying on in a most unseemly manner.

Random fact.This is the henna I use.I have to get it from Wellington.It makes my hair lovely and red.
And then I feel like a complete woman.
Happy Friday all,I'm up for Friday Frolics!


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Oi! I use henna too. I get it from Lush and it comes in a block. You have to grate it and cook it. Its fun... but has to stay in for 5 hours! worth it though. I love the colour of yours!!! Killer shoes too.... awesomenessss

Mrs Munster said...

What a fantastic dress. I always shy away from wearing peep toes with tights but it surely looks great on you!

Alex said...

Ooh you're looking very svelte there Helga! Love the tights and wedges combo. Fab, fab shoes - I want them!

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Awesome shoes, love them!

Vintage Vixen said...

Sexy Lady!!!!
I'd like those shoes when you've finished with them please! Tights are the pits, I wear pants over the top of mine to stop me wobbling like a penguin. I wore some with grey peep toe wedged today and was horrified that the toe bit got really long and hung over the edge of the shoe in a hideous fashion.

Disco Goth said...

Tights can truly be the work of the devil can't they? I just can't wear them when it's warm and switch to leggings instead which oddly are much cooler. Years ago, when you just couldn't buy tights to accommodate 36" legs I used to always wear 'superman knickers' and quite often resort to it now! Love the shoes!


Helga! said...

Thanks ladies,love your fab comments!!!!