A G Spot

This was my G on Friday night,looking tres retro and tres sexy!!


70's shirt-can't remember!
70's beige pinstripe slacks-gift
Ass-Mother Nature's blessing!
I love him!


CalamityJem said...

I love G's outfit, you're a very lucky lady to have such a stylish man!
I used to buy 70s shirts for my hubby but couldn't coerce him into actually wearing them, which is a real shame cause he looks ever so good in them as does G...like I said you are a very lucky lady!

Vintage Vixen said...

G-Man looks divine. The shirt is a sensation as are the slacks. Jarvis Cocker would be green with envy.

Mrs Munster said...

Great outfit! You've got mighty fine looking man.

Alex said...

*wolf whistles at the derriere photo*

He looks smashing :)

Miss Peelpants said...

Amazing shirt!!! For the first time in my life, I'm going out with someone who [already] loves wearing vintage and he also looks damn sexy in it. Can't quite believe it (I've worked up some good karma with some of the men I've dated, I guess!!)

Your man looks brilliant!!

Disco Goth said...

Looking Hot!xx

kayleigh said...

that's so funny haha, good job G-man!