Hair with Helga 101 !

Good morning all, here is my first ever video performance!!!

I hope it is audible enough, and that my makeup free face isn't too shocking!!!

It is a little out of synch, no idea what to do about that! I am completely new to this lark!!

I'm wearing my classy 70's housecoat I bought a while back, as I have literally just gotten had of bed, had a shower and washed my skanky hair, and dried it.

O,you lucky, lucky creatures! Not everyone gets to see Helga in the raw !!!



Roo Paprika said...

Hurrah! The secrets of the magnificent Helga hair! I need to get me some bump its to force this flat bonce skywards

Vintage Vixen said...

The best video ever!!! I bow to your complete and utter gorgeousness, almighty Helga.
You do the Bump-It thing so bloody quickly, I'm in awe of your dexterity.
I request an eye-make tut next time!!!!
Vix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kandi said...

You make that look so easy, and you are just as beautiful without makeup - seriously envious!
Kandi x

Loulou said...

Hell's teeth, girl, what hair your have! I am envious of its length and also of your lovely face, sans maquillage. I am like a particularly hairy animal which sheds constantly, and have never been able to grow mine.

Fab video, request more. Seconding Vix's call for eye make up tut.

Helga! said...

I did a makeup one last night,but it got very loooong as I was unprepared and couldn't find anything!!ha!Will do that next weekend!
*Thanks for not sniggering!

Disco Goth said...

ooh you're such a clever girlie! You manage to look so fresh and lovely without make up too. I wanna bumpit for when my hair grows - you make it look so easy! xx