Jamming Out with a Whole Lotta Can's Out!

OMG, we had the BEST night last night!! Wah!!!!
Much whooping and a hollering, galloping around and laughing! Yay!
Jam Out with Your Can Out is a charity event organised by our Nix. 4 bands ,entry fee a can, or a blanket, donations accepted. Also a sausage sizzle, and all proceeds to the City Mission.

The lineup was:
Loafer(that's us!)
Tim Moore
The Eastern
The Unfaithful Ways
Above is the whole lineup, at the end of The Eastern's set, having a mass jam out/singalong (or clapalong if you didn't know the words) to a June Carter song. The Eastern are very country/rock, and fecking fantastic!! I now have a crush on Adam, the singer/guitarist ,as he is soooo lovely. Covered with tattoos, I found myself wondering where else on his body they may lie..........grrrrrrrrr!!!

Anyhow, my darling friend Liz came along and helped out. We had a whole lotta fun, messing around with the supermarket carts full of cans.

She is one HOT foxy mama!

Look! 4 carts of cans! And there were some blankets!
It was an awesome turnout and an awesome response!
Our Nix is a bloody ripper of an organiser ,and it looks like we'll have an annual event!
O, and we played really well, and I didn't make a tit of myself......much.........!!!
*Frock-made by me
Tights-pink from Farmers,white whale nets over top from Trade Me
Shoes-Wild Pair and very frcking uncomfortable!
Hairbow-some Asian shop
Cuff & Necklace-Vix


Camelia Crinoline said...

You look fabulous. Love the bow. The frock that Nix (I think?) is wearing in the background of the first photo looks amazing.

Louise said...

What a fabulous idea to raise stuff for the mission. I'm surprised that more people haven't followed that lead.


Vintage Vixen said...

That looks like immense fun and look at all that food! I'm impressed by Liz's flexibility and dazzled by your cleavage, phwoar! xxx

Disco Goth said...

That looks like so much fun and a success to boot - fab stuff! =) xx