The Pain and the Pleasure

G and I had a date night last night.After 18 years,it's fun to do sweet things like that!
After work we went into town and had a drink at a bar,then we went to our favourite Thai for dinner.There we enoyed a evilly drinkable bottle of Australian syrah,our usual chilli & ginger whole fish and a delicious seafood curry.
I am suffering a little today,due to the potency and amount of chilli I gobbled.......but I must say I do feel somewhat cleansed.I also had a bit of a hangover,and in fact have just got up from an afternoon nana nap!
Cue another glass of vino!!!
Frock-made by me quite a few years ago
Black tights-can't remember
Cream tights underneath-Farmers
Shoes-Hannah's sale
Handbag-vintage,opshopped and being thrashed to within an inch of its life!

This afternoon was the first sitting for my new tattoo!!!!!
I am going toThe Ink Spot ,and am in the capable hands of the lovely Sonja.She is a friend of Amber's,and has done all of her work,and work on another friend,Stacey.I've admired her beautiful lines and artwork for sometime,so she was a natural choice for tattooist!

Sonja is such a sweetie,and has a gentle touch!We did 2 hours today,which did pretty much all the groundwork.
Check it out!

I am a bit sore,but very excited!It will be beautiful!
Not sure how many more sittings,probably 1 or 2?Sonja is a quick worker;I'm amazed at how much she got done.
*My precious little Boris just came and tapped me with his dear little paw!He wants cuddles!
And is now rubbing his little cheek on the edge of my computer can I resist!


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my heavens! That artwork is simply divine, so delicate, a true work of art.
Same about the after-effects of the date but hey, at least you enjoyedyourselves a the time and you've got a nice flat belly now.
The dress is a sight to behold as indeed is the magnificent bow.

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

OMG you are so much braver than me, I could never get a tatt! I don't think you'll mind if I ask, is it costing you a lot? And are you going to get it all coloured in??

Ivy Black said...

Now that's a tattoo! Gorgeous, gorgeous lining, can't wait to see it coloured.
I'm getting an armband put on this weekend and another large-ish work on my other arm the week after. Get 'em on, I say. And it's not as if it's pain pain, it's tattoo pain which is sort of different!

Sahakiel said...

Wow, the tattoo is gorgeous, Helga!! I can't wait for seeing it with colors!!

Miss Claire said...

The tattoo! You are VERY brave! What kind of colors will it be? I have never seen peacock feathers tattooed before, it looks great.

Dates are fun, you looked gorgeous.

X Claire

E said...

oh my god!!! that is beautiful!! you are so brave.
btw if you EVER need a back up singer for your band - let me know!!

Alex said...

Wow, that's gorgeous but it's so much bigger than I expected! You must be agony after having so much done.

Kandi said...

Wow, it's awesome! Can't wait to see it coloured.
Kandi x

Mazzy Boy said...

What an adorable blog you have! You certainly blow Mrs. Slocum out of the water for being fabulous!

See you at the M.A.C and Benefit cosmetics counters of the heavens, sweetie!

KibitzKnitz said...

Fabulous tattoo!! I'm sure it will look even more amazing after the color works complete.

Disco Goth said...

WOW WOW WOW!! It's GORGEOUS! 2 hours is quite quick for that as well I'm sure.
Dates are so important no matter how long you've been together. Something nobody should neglect. My ex used to laugh at me when I suggested it, he's my ex, 'nuff said!


Louise said...

Oh my, that is one hell of a tattoo... it's going to look amazing!

Definitely good to keep the spark alive with dates I think.


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

dates are the best! and thai...
Your tattoo is looking good. the worst bit is trying to wear your bra afterwards....

Geek Girl said...

Oh my gosh - that is beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it's completed it will be amazing.

Mmmm thai..yum my favourite and nothing like a good date too

Mrs Munster said...

Your tattoo looks amazing! Date nights are so important when you're in long relationship. Not had one for a long time because of the lil one. Babysitter booked for 1 nite next week though :)

Helga! said...

Yes kVk,it will be coloured,and it is $120/hour,which is really reasonable,esp when you can see how much was done in 2 hours!!
Yay,thank you for the great comments;I'm very enthusiastic about it.I have mentioned that I was having 2 tattoos lasered off...well what is left of them is under this new tattoo!
E,if you're in town,let me know and you sure can come and do some backing vocs!!!

Vintage Vivant said...

I can't believe you're only two hours in! It looks lovely already. I'm pleased you went for it and got a big design - it will look amazing in backless dresses!