Pink Bits

The sun was out today,o my!!!
It was still fricking freezing though.I am so over Winter.And when I get to this point,it just seems to go on and on and on.......gah!
I went out today with the gorgeous Andrea.We hit some opshops and had some lunch.It was very civilised.

Frock-made by me years ago
Jacket-also made by me
Shoes-Trade Me
Necklace-Singapore,bought for me by G's Mum

Amongst my scores today was this 70's maxi below.Perfect for love boating,I feel.I also picked up the white sunnies.

Also quite suitable for band practice.

These golden shoes are loads of fun!Spot Boris' paws stage right!
Ugh,just had a sneezing fit.
Just taking a break from band practice,gotta down some more gin and go back for another round!!!
Tomorrow.....I shall display todays loot.


kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Mad maxi, love it!

Kandi said...

That dress is wow! I wonder how large your wardrobe(s) must be do you have a whole floor just for your wonderful clothes, would love to see a pic sometime!
Hope the tat is not sore today and is healing nicely (don't pick!) :)
Kandi x

La Dama said...

love the dress.ooh and those gold have such colorful style.

Helga! said...

Tat is doing very well,thank you,Kandi!Starting to itch,but I am being most virtuous!!!

Smashingbird said...

Loving the pink!

Disco Goth said...

Oh, I love the dress and jacket! The new dress looks superbly fabulous on you, perfect cruisewear =)


Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the gold peep toes with the pink tights and the dress is mega-fabulous.
Boris's feet are competing for attention!
Adoring the shopping outfit, that handbag is a beaut!