The Right Implements

I have a bit of a thing for kitchen implements.Nothing too serious,mind you,like acres of glinting hardware dangling around the kitchen or anything.But there is a certain satisfaction about having the right tool for the job.
G concurs.
I have 2 drawers full of bits and bobs,and love nothing better than ogling in places like King of Knives,or chef specialist shops.I wouldn't know what to do with half of it,but it is sooooo attractive.It's a bit like stationary.I used to have a fixation on that,but I seem to have transferred my affections.
My particular favourite things are serving spoons.I like to have enough.And in varied sizes.Lovely things,serving spoons.Quite comforting.

I just love it when G says "o,I need one of those thingamys for the whoseamajammit" and I can pull it out and wave it about like I've done it all my life and say "well,I just happen to have one of those" and he is all happy-like.
Ferret,a co-worker,just won a set of kitchen knives.Quite flash ones.
I'm positively seething.


Kandi said...

Oh my word, in that second photo you are rather scary the way you are brandishing that whisk. You would be the antedote to boring daytime cooking shows on TV. Love ya pinny!
Kandi x

Vintage Vixen said...

Wowser, you sure can wield a whisk! Kandi's right, that pinny is smashing as are the shoes and the bow.
Liking how the fire extinguisher in the background matches the ensemble perfectly, ya crazy creature.
Missing you mooooooooooooore,

Kel said...

I love these photos! So animated!
Love that skirt/dress pattern. And great shoes!

X x

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

I'd like to come home to this housewife! haha so cute, love the gingham!

RETRO REVA said...

I love these photos!!!!!!!
Especially the 2nd one!
You look like you could mash a mean potatoe ;)

Ivy Black said...

Only you could look fierce brandishing a whisk...x

Mrs Munster said...

Awesome photos. I've got a thing for knives. Still looking the perfect kitchen knife that slices and chops everything in a flash...

Alex said...

I love kitchen stuff - Lakeland is one of my favourite shops and I'm not even ashamed to admit it.

I think it runs in the family as Mum had a fit of sheer joy when she found a Kitchamajig (actual product name) after breaking her old one.

La Dama said...

so jealous love your cute gingham apron and that is the most awesome are a bad ass in the kitchen. ;)

Helga! said...

I think I'd be fabulous as a cooking show hostess!Cooking with sherry!Or vodka.....haha

Disco Goth said...

Totally with you on the serving spoons - I have one. Yes, just ONE and I actually need LOADS! Brilliant apron!