A Scent of Arse In The Night

Isn't it?!
We call Wednesday "hump day". It's payday, which is always a good thing, but also the middle of the week, and once we are over the hump, it's just Thursday and then Friday 4 hours and the weekend!!!
Yes, people get quite jolly on Hump Day where I work!

Woke up to a bitter frost this morning. That'll be why I was stirred in the wee hours by Boris, nosing me to get under the duvet. I lifted the duvet up, and under he scooted. I was still half-asleep, and dozing off, when I suddenly realised I could smell cats arse. UGH!
The little toad had just gone in head first, and plopped, with his bum pointing at my face, and his tail flicking around my eyebrow, and I got a noseful of skanky cat bumhole. Most unpleasant.
Usually he turns around and snuggles up against my tummy. Maybe he was trying to make a point of some sort??? I have no idea, but I don't find that kind of carry on very conjusive to snuggling.
He got a good talking to this morning, I can tell you.

Frock-70's deadstock, Madame Butterfly's
Cuff and necklace-my beloved Vix


Louise said...

Damn, you guys get to hump day before us... life is so unfair! Your already closer to the weekend!

Roo Paprika said...

Ha ha ha, oh naughty Boris. Happy hump day, it's still Tuesday here

Mazzy Boy said...

Flawless, fabulous, fantastic...I'd love to paint your face sometime! I LOVE the veiled hat...sooo to die for! The frocks are fun and inspiring AS USUAL!! :)

I think hats should always be worn if you're going out...that looks like something Roz Russell would have worn in "The Women".

Abfab, sweets!

Vintage Vixen said...

Blimey, Humping has a different meaning around here and the prospect of a Hump Day would get the locals rather excited.
The frock is divine and your hair is looking rather fabulous, unlike Boris's bum which gives the crack of dawn a whole new concept.Shameless little furball!
Vix xxx

Loulou said...

Haha, cats are masters at this sort of thing. My lady likes to jump up on the arm of the sofa and when you turn your head, there is the pink eye winking at you. I agree, it is a message of sorts. Have you done anything to upset Boris? They can be quite crafty at letting you know you've done something 'wrong'.

I love your boots, damnit.

Ivy Black said...

There's nothing quite like a cat's arse in your face. We have to wait until Friday for our Hump Day! xx

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Jeez, and I thought kids were bad. He he.

Alex said...

What is it about cats and shoving their bums in your face? Oscar does it all the sodding time, bleurgh.

You're looking tres slinky today m'dear.

Helga! said...

OOO,thanks Alex!
Abfabby do!