Highlander?Lowlander,more like!

So here's the new cruising frock I scored the other day, plus this 70's ish style hat. The frock has batwing sleeves, which I'm not at all sure about, but fits beautifully. Digging the print.
The hat is inspired by my beloved Vix . She wears a floppy hat so well!

Here is my next sewing project. I was given this fabric ages ago, and think I am finally ready to do something with it. This pattern is actually a maternity frock!! Ha! I have a bit of a pot, so it won't need much tweaking, I shouldn't think!!! Mostly the usual for it to fit the booboids. Not sure if I will make the maxi or the midi; probably the midi. Depends on how much fabric there is.

Awesome response to yesterdays post, lovelies. Poor old things we are!!! Y'know, I didn't start drinking until I was 22!! Of course, there were other things involved in my partying until then. I reckon it was my ex-husband who drove me to drink!!! And I've been beating my poor liver with a stick ever since! I have had phases of not drinking much, or at all, but lately I'm always in the mood to get good and sloshed. Perhaps I'm heading for a mid-life crisis?!
But further to one's loony youth-the risks I used to take! I am sooooo lucky to have never gotten into any real trouble! 9 lives, for sure! I'm definetly so much more cautious these days. Boring even. Am keen to revive a bit of my former adventurousness.......there are still fun times to be had, without behaving like a complete wanton nutter! Just a part one!!!
Yeah, better to burn out than to fade away!!!


Sahakiel said...

Good luck with that sewing project, dear!!

I think that we should learn from the past, but don't let it blur our future... that's what I always think!

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Yes, I too am drinking more than ever these days, even though I only started relatively recently. Sshh! Love that new fabric, looks to be a great choice for that pattern-which, funnily enough, I have bought and sold several times in the last 2 years. And you're not the only one wearing maternity stuff, I fit maternity stuff depressingly well these days.

Lena Zoch said...

Hi, i was passing by, and relly like your blog ... congrat's!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

The top frock and hat are wonderfully divine! A batwing sleeve can be a marvellous thing and rather Mildred-like and I'm loving the print of the skirt.
All three of those pattern pieces are glorious. I'm rather tempted with the trouser suit as it's so outrageous, but the midi would look fabulouso on you.
I'm eternally grateful to Jon for having a sensible head and rescuing me from myself. I'd probably be dead by now with my risktaking and stupidity if he hadn't come along when he did.
I love my parcel! I love you! Vix xxx

CalamityJem said...

Dear Helga,
That's a really fabby frock; the print is awesome & I am really mesmerized by that gorgeous shiny blue colour.
I see your really into your sewing at the mo, I just bought some rather fetching dead stock 70s fabric that might fit the bill for one of your project?
E-mail (jenniemcletchie@yahoo.co.uk) with your address and I'll put some in the post for you.
Take care,

Alex said...

Ooh yeah, definitely make the midi. It will look cracking on you. The fabric is gorgeous!

Very excited to hear you've got Sophie Dahl's book :) Let me know which recipes you try out!

prettyneons said...

the hat , the hat I want that hat!!!
prettyneons x

Disco Goth said...

What a fab pattern! Bet you'll use it lots and the fabric will look lovely =) x

Louise said...

Even the maternity clothes in previous decades were more glam. I also love the word BOOBOIDS. I may have to adopt that one myself lol. x

Helga! said...

Jem,that would be lovely,darl!I have emailed you!
Funny,Ms Kitty,how the same pattern will turn up!Happens every now and then to me!
Louise,feel free to use that word!Makes them a bit more fun,somehow!
Looks like the midi is the more popular choise.I could make a jacket or something if there is extra fabric!Huzzah!
Bless you,lovely ladies!