Some Weekend Photos

Man,we had such a great weekend!Fun and frivolity all round!We were blessed with the most terrific weather!
These are some pics from Saturday,I have to sort through Friday nights shots yet...some are a bit dodgy.....we got pretty bent,staggered around the forest,played music,talked shit and ate yummy dips and nuts and other nibblies......
The one above is from Saturday morning,and there is a bee buzzing around my right eye!

There were 10 of us alltogether,this is Nick,in the funkiest hat.

Being stalked by chooks.

The old guy who used to run the place(died 2008)had a thing for stagecoaches and carriages.he had lots of them lying around,mostly replicas.

Bela's fabulous Docs.
Graeme and Rachel blowing bubbles.

Rachel.(She and I are going to go opshopping together soon.)
More photos to come!


kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

OOOh, great pics, the stagecoach is such a great setting. Sounds like you had a fun w/end!

E said...

wow that looks like the coolest place! love it!

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Oh it looks like fun! Wish I had leopard docs (mmmm love!) glad you like your goodies too even though it was small. Cant wait to see more photos :-)

Vintage Vixen said...

What an amazing place, not half as scary as I thought it would be. Loving the stagecoaches and the chickens and am totally blown away by your eyemakeup and spectacular blue outfit, yum yum!
Looks like the weather was kind to you,too.
Rachel looks one cool chick!
Welcome back!

Alex said...

I want Nick's hat!

Actually I want most of your wardrobes as everyone looks brilliant. And a stagecoach would be pretty fun too of course.

Mrs Munster said...

You've coordinated your outfit with the carriage :) Looks like you had great weekend. Wicked eye make-up you've got on!

Miss Smilla said...

Love how your outfit matches the stagecoach! Your weekend sounds such fun!

Kandi said...

Your eye makeup is fabbbb, I wish you were closer to me as I would be round looking for you to make me up! You suit a stagecoach too :)
Kandi x

Louise said...

It looks like you had lots and lots of fun. The weather looks nice too and I love your boots!

Helga! said...

......if you all come on over,we could do it alltogether!!!