Time for a Gratuitous Pic of Colin.....

O, my lovely, chocolatey eyed Colin!!
I haven' t feasted upon your luciousness for sooooo long!
Do come for dinner, darling Colin. But leave wifey behind!


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, Mr Darcy, how marvellous you are in those breeches and frilly blouse.
Colin does nothing for me normally (maybe it's the name Colin) but in Pride & Prejudice he was rather luscious, although I do love Bride and Prejudice a little more. Vix xxx

Joe's blog said...

You like Marilyn Monroe?
Please have a look at my painting.
I would be pleased if you like to follow my blog.

I LOVE Pride and Predjudice. Book and film. And him.

WhiteGoldSilver 10 said...

Oh Helga,,, I really cannot stand the guy.... sorry :) :) :)

Ivy Black said...

Blimey girl! He's a local lad...but I've yet to see him in Tesco. If I do, I'll send him your way. Did I tell you before that my friend used to go out with him when they were at school? When she talks about himm it's with a lovely smile on her face....XX

Laura said...

Have you seen A Single Man? I'm not really a huge fan of Colin but he does look handsome in that film. Even if he does play a gay man. Actually, there is a whole lot of eye candy in that film, well worth a watch!


giddynici said...

Helga you have just made my day! x

Alex said...


I love how adorably flustered he is in that scene. Bless him and his see through shirt.

Helga! said...

I haven't seen A Single Man yet! I keep blithering to G that I MUST,but it just hasn't happened yet!
He IS at his best in P & P,but always shines for me!!!