Too Tired to Rock

So,as promised,here is the loot I scored yesterday!

A pair of fab 70's boots!!I've been looking for some in tan,or red for ages,but I'll settle for black!Not a huge bargain at $20NZ,but not tooo bad!

A little mustard coloured cardi and a 70's skirt pattern.

2 swimsuits.Perfect for lounging about poolside.The one on the right is a little soft coloured for my tastes,but is quite pretty.

These 2 frocks,the one on the left is a burnt orange,fit brillantly.The blue with white spots needs to be taken up,I feel,and something done with the neckline.Nothing too drastic,though.
Now,I come to last nights band practice,a scene of some shame for me,and some hilarity for others.......
This is how we practice!Set up like we are on stage.It feels quite weird,but is quite useful.
Nix and I swap positions a bit,as she plays guitar and sings on some songs.Whilst we were doing "Messy Yesterday",I stand behind her keyboards and have a little tambourine part in the middle.Yes.
Anyhow,we were going throught the set for the second time,and I was feeling quite worn out after my day opshopping,and was quite merry after a few G & T's when I literally fell asleep at the microphone.OMG.Then,there is a tap on my shoulder,Si leans in and yells "tambourine!".I shrieked and amazingly fell right into place,banging my little heart out.....But OMG,I fell asleep like a horse standing up!!
The utter humiliation.

Well,I didn't last too much longer.Had some water and crawled off to bed,in fact.What loser!

At some point in the wee hours,I awoke to hear G,Si,Nix and Darryl having another round,whooping like they were in the OK coral,and making such a racket I expected noise control to bash on the door at any second.The drunken maniacs.A bit more caterwauling and they staggered off back to the kitchen for yet more drinks.They all stayed the night,and the most irritating thing this morning is I think I was the seediest of us all!A jolly breakfast of baked beans,hash browns,eggs,bacon and coffee got us all on our feet,they all had to go home to face their children,and G and I had to get ready to spend the afternoon with Mikel,Justine and Baby Rose.........goodness,it is hard work being popular.
I think I quite understand how the Queen must feel.


ana b. said...

I'm dead jealous of that pastel floral swimsuit. If you decide you don't like it after all, remember me ;)

Kandi said...

You fell asleep on your feet, incredible?!?!?
Kandi x

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Can I swear on your blog? I hope I can, coz FUCK YOU CRACK ME UP! He he he

Louise said...

Well your majesty, I do love that blue swimsuit. It's beautiful. I wish I could fall asleep while standing, I often have difficulty doing that whilst lying down lol.

Disco Goth said...

Lol, how brilliant are you?!!! A couple of years ago I fell asleep on a little chair backstage, practically onstage at a gig where the band were playing the song where they just make as much noise as possible for 20 minutes!
I adore the blue cozzie and the blue dress and the boots were a brilliant find. I dream of 70s boots but I don't think they made feet in my size back then.


Vintage Vixen said...

You fell asleep whilst playing? I thought I was the only person on the planet who can sleep standing up (nightclubs, gigs, you name it).
Utterly fabulous finds, loving the boots, the pattern, the cozzies and we'd look fabulous together with you in that spotty maxi and me in the glorious one you sent me.

Queenie said...

Fab finds, looking forward to seeing what you make with the dress pattern. I don't know how much $20nz is in english so dunno whether the boots were a bargain or not, but they're fab and totally you so I guess it doesn't matter.

Falling asleep while playing, that's funny :) xx

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

mmmmm blue swimsuit! don't be too ashamed about falling asleep, it happens to the best of us!

giddynici said...

Those swimsuits are fabulous.

Fallin asleep standing up is quite a feat. You musta been knackered.


Helga! said...

Bless you all for not being hard on me for falling asleep standing up.I'm obviously in good company!!!x

Alex said...

Oh Helga you do make me giggle.

What fab things you've bought. Are you stocking up for that cruise? I can see the new cossies and that glorious pink dress working beautifully on board.

Anonymous said...

There are some days that even the best of us just need to have a nigh nigh when everyone else keeps going! I love the red dress you're wearing and that blue bathing suit...that pastel one is lovely too, but I know what you mean about the paler colour. I can't wait to see the adjustments to the blue spotty dress- like you said, minor only just tweeking. xx Shauna