Whose freakin' idea was it to go to the pub on a school night????!!!

Yup. This is how I feel today.

It's all a blur......1 wine turned into 3, I think......

This is what I do remember :

Saying "yes, I'd love another wine, thanks!"
Discussing the merits of having a bar snack, ie: something fried, and deciding I would do a vege stir fry when we got home.
Shrieking hysterically whilst G dubbed me home on the back of the bicycle.
Suggesting we watch an episode of "Mad Men"(just got it out on DVD,loving it,don't understand why Peggy screwed Pete Campbell-que??!) and putting it on.

This is what I don't remember:

Chopping vegetables without cutting myself.
Cooking said vegetables without burning myself.
The opening of a bottle of wine.
Watching an episode of "Mad Men".
Eating dinner.
Going to bed.

o dear,o dear!

Old enought to know better, but young enough not to care!

more coffee required.


kathy said...

Oh dear. This is exactly how i felt today too....whoops! xx

giddynici said...

Oh dear. Hope you get through the day alright! x

Vintage Vixen said...

Ha! Love to have seen you on the back of a bicycle. Weeknight drinking is sooooo naughty as is opening more vino when you're back in the house long may it continue.
Love the photograph, bet you look even more attractive with a hangover. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Huh.leer.ree.us. I don't get why she did Pete Campbell either and I started HATING Don Draper, phwoar though he is. Aren't the clothes divine?? Leave a message on my blog with your address I have some fab frocks I think you may like

jungleworldcitizen said...

Sounds like you had a lovely evening =)

Alex said...

I do not get the Pete Campbell thing at all. Now the silver fox that Joan is lucky enough to frolic with, that's a whole different matter (despite him being a dirty dog!)

I think "yes, I'd love another wine please" is always the appropriate response ;-)

Kel said...

Haha!! Great tale of drunken remembering. :)
We've all done it, I had 2 whole hours of nothing from a night out recently - turns out I'd spoken in depth about someones hair and colours they should have (?!?!) and spent 30 mins trying to negiotate the kids play park rope ladder thing.


p.s don't forget to enter my giveaway you!!

Mrs Munster said...

Despite of being naughty and going for drinks on school nite, sounds you had blast. The bike ride especially sounds like a lots of fun!

Mazzy Boy said...

How sweet of you to come by and call me "Possum" le sigh, Dame Edna is my dream mother.
I'd paint that face of yours within an inch of it's life...in fact I have the ENTIRE outfit planned for you if it was a night on the town. I can't help it, this poof is very inspired by you and your zippy skills at a sewing machine. I myself, am learning. Wish me luck!


Disco Goth said...

Oh no! It's the bottle when you get home that's the killer! Does G remember everything? I always think it is better when the other person suffers memory loss too.


Helga! said...

DG,G remembers it all.Bless him.
Glad I'm not the only naughty trollop!!
Mazzy,you are a DOLL!