Red Sails

One of the frocks I have been altering in some way over the last week.
This one simply required shortening.
It's a 70's midi, scored for $4 at Tasman Traders when I was shopping with Brodie, I think. It also has it's own belt, but I like it better without. It's made of some kind of knit; I wouldn't mind betting it'll stretch when it gets washed. I must check the label. I just love the full on orange based red colour, and I love the cuffs.
I think I'll be wearing this a lot, although it may be too hot as the weather warms up.
(I made the mosaic house number behind me, if you are interested. One of my many fancies that I got bored with after a while! I still have all the stuff, as, who knows! The fancy may be refreshed at some point!)

Worn with:
Tights-The Warehouse
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-vintage, opshopped
Hairflower-a local chemist
I adore these spotty shoes, they make me feel ever so frivolous!
I simply must wear them more often. I would love a pair of pink & white spotty shoes, actually. But as I can't even seem to find the perfect pair of pink shoes anyway, I don't fancy my luck.

Home at 2:30 am-outrageous!

So, off we went to the Dux last night, after much wardrobe deliberation. When I picked up this frock at Tasman Traders a few weeks back, it was a little dull. I have raided my trims drawer and gone to town, and I like it much better!
Above is Nix and I just before we left.
We collected Justine on the way, and bumped into the lovely Jeff .

And Amber!

Mmmmm, moist!

After the Dux finished, we trotted off to Goodbye, Blue Monday, a bar I hadn't been to before. The Unfaithful Ways were playing there, and there was quite a crowd. I'm rather impressed that I am still going strong at this point!! We were all nicely sozzled, Nix did some great networking.
O-bad news, Nix didn't get that job. But she has another interview this Wednesday for an events co-ordinator job, so wish her luck!
I can't remember who the guy on the left is, I think he was a mate of Nix'.
Bit of a green theme going on here!

G showing Amber his moves.
(Wearing his new pants)

Winding down.

My baby and I!
We were still quite wired when we got home! Amazing for me! Had a snack, lots of water, cleaned
my face and toddled off to nigh-nigh land. A very eventful Saturday indeed!


G and I had a date today.
I'm wearing:
Frock-formerly a 70's maxi, I've been busy customising it this week, opshopped
Shoes-K Mart sale
 We stopped at Retropolitan on the way...

G looked amazing in these 60'a golf pants.
Genuine crimplene, they'll never need ironing!

We stopped in at Soul Square, and had a drinkie whilst we deliberated over a new bicycle for G.
We bought it!

Had a nosy at what used to be called The Blue Kiwi, but seems to have been taken over by the dude who ran Chaos, G's fave vintage stuff store, so I guess it's called Chaos now! There's was all sorts of crazy stuff in there! G was eyeing up an awesome doorknob, I was eyeing up some expensive goodies in the clothing section....

Then we met up with Justine, Mikel and Baby Rose for lunch at the Meditteranean Warehouse

Nom, pizza!

And blood orange sorbet!!!
The we came home and had a nap.
Now I have to get ready to go out to The Dux de Lux to see Permanence, the Joy Division covers band. I'm sitting here, starkers, Nix has just turned up and I have NO IDEA what to wear!!!
O, woe is me!!
Right, into the shower and onto the wardrobe trauma!!
I've simply got nothing to wear!
Ooo, I want at least 5 of these beauties.....

They called me frog legs!

My goodness, it is a glorious afternoon here!
Look, no sleeves!
I have been a most virtuous Helga this week, you'll be happy to know. Or shocked.
After being rather pissed several nights last week, and hammered on at least 2 of those nights, I decided my liver needed a little break. Nothing drastic, mind you. Just a little break.
So, no alcohol has passed these lips in 5 days!
I may or may not have a drink tonight-I shall decide later. I have a bikini wax appointment at 4:30, so that cleverly keeps me from temptation, as I have to drive. But I will be watching-to my great shame-New Zealand's Next Top Model tonight, and may well need a little beverage to cope. I just can't resist watching the carnage, it's like watching a horror movie with your hands over your eyes, peeping through your fingers! After all, this is the country that bought you Rachel Hunter.
Say no more.
Frock-Ezibuy sale
Flower brooch/hair piece-an Asian shop in town
Top-vintage, opshopped, customised by moi
Petticoat-skirt, opshopped and customised by moi
Tights-We Love Colours

El Mortero

To tide you over until I fix yesterday's mishap, here's G and I on our first night in Cancun, July 08!
We had at least 3 of these margaritas, and shots!
Had a great night, even a mariachi band-we went all the way, baby!!

Wind ruffles the clouds

Frock-70's, opshopped
Tights-The Warehouse
Pendant and chain-vintage, opshopped

The sun has been out again today, there's a few daffodils dotted amongst the grass, the wind has a frisky feel.....o,yes, one more (official) week of Winter left!

Dammit, get me a decent knife!

Whilst I wouldn't say I am the biggest Bowie fan, I am rather fond of him, especially during the 70's, when his fabulous theatricality was unsurpassed.
I'm really enjoying the biography I'm currently reading, published in 1985. Lots of gory family goss, not many pics, but scintillating reading.
I, and most people I know, used to always say that he should have given up after "Scary Monsters", as during the 80's he seemed woefully misguided. But he did get his mojo back, luckily. It was really just that "Let's Dance" album that was abysmal. With the exception of "China Girl",I guess. I never did see that infamous video for that, incidentally, where he is (from what I heard) waving his enormous wang about.
Speaking of wangs, I understand he is one of the biggest wangs in rock?? (Alex, do you know?!(fellow wang spotter))I'm pretty sure Jim Kerr is in that illustious group as well.I wonder who the others are?? I have seen a pic of Bowie with what looks like salami stuffed down his trouser leg, and for all I know, it was!
Yep, that looks like a pretty big package.

Can't tell in this pic. Maybe he's tucked it up behind??
I saw(sorry, I have completely digressed now) a documentary recently about men with massive wangs, and how miserable their lives were. Interesting stuff. They were all quite hideous looking, poor fellas. I daresay that didn't help! LOL! One of them went gay, as he reckoned women just couldn't take it. Charming. I pity the poor dude who could take a wang as big as his was-it looked like the proverbial horse wang.
How ghastly!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to see Bowies Glass Spiders Tour in Sydney in...88, I think. It was fab. Don't imagine I'll get to see him again before he starts doing the Vegas circuit. Or putting out classic covers like old Rod Stewart. (Hey, am I the only one who thought the crazy critters in "Labyrinth" who could remove their heads looked like Rod??)

"Labyrinth" was cool. Yeah.

Blue Monday

Frock-opshopped, formerly a 70's maxi
Jacket-vintage, from my beloved Vix
Tights-not sure
Handbag-vintage, opshopped
Shoes-Hannah's sale
Hairflower-made by moi

We're too hot for this band!

Our Nix was smiled upon by the Opshop Goddess yesterday. She scored this pretty blue spotty frock, and I am quite jealous!
Nix has set up her own blog ,and whilst it may not be relevant to non Kiwi's, it would be wonderful if you all popped over and became followers-it may help her to get a job as a professional blogger!
You see, Nix was just made redundant from her graphic design job, and she is keen to branch out into new fields, and has an interview tomorrow for a position as professional blogger for a company that is something to do with kids and the enviroment-dammit, my memory is shocking-and it looks to be right up Nix' alley. Part of the requirements is that the applicant has their own blog. So,a lot of followers would help with the impression that she has an audience already.......

Anyway, I forgot I had these shoes! Nix reckons that's a sign of having too many shoes. I beg to differ. Justine has these too, and also has them in red.
I was wearing:
Frock-formerly a maxi, opshopped
Shoes-Attitude Shoes sale
Earrings-opshopped yesterday
Necklace-gift from G
Hairbow-some Asian shop
Practice was great, and we have a new song! Yay!
The sun is out today, and all feels right with the world!

Dining Out.

Lovely Dave!

Tile love.

Frolicking in the toilets.
As you do.

Jo sweetly brought the wine.
It was extremely drinkable.

Our travelling Jo.


Drunken (not G!) shenanigans on the way home.
Thanks for driving, G!

Tired and hungover today!
No frolics for this old girl tonight!
Question-how are you finding the bigger photos, please???
Good? Bad? Whatever?
Please let me know!