The Big Hairies that I love-AKA Sixties Girl Group Hair

Yep, it's safe to say that I have a thing for the big, glorious hair of sixties girls groups! Every time I google big hair, this is where I end up. If I had the energy, I would enjoy transforming myself into a lucious, massively haired sixties wench!!! But I can't bear to tease my hair nowadays. I have far too much respect for just how long it took me to grow it!
Just imagine how gluelike their hairspray must have been back then!
The Singlettes

Gorgeous Ronnie Spektor

The Ronettes

The Ronettes
Sigh. Even my beloved bumpit couldn't give me hair like this! I think I'd need a hairpiece and a roadcone!!!
Mmmm. That would be a good look!

The Marvelettes

More Ronettes!
Big and long! Ooo la la!
I think I will buy a hairpiece.
Watch this space!


Kitty said...

Helga, if you have hair like mine and let it get a bit dirty, trust me, you can just about do these hairstyles without hairspray. In fact I may do an outfit post just to prove it! Apologies for not commenting on your last few posts- I particularly liked that green and white outfit- the one where you looked a bit like you were going to eat the tree you were standing in front of:)

Kel said...

Hairpiece or a bun ring type sponge would work.
Might have to do a jumbo hair post to try it out.

Love the Ronettes, such great big hair. I would store snacks in mine.


Vintage Vixen said...

Aaaah, the Ronette on the right, bottom pic....I need her hair now. Fabulous! Mine gets bigger and bigger the dirtier it gets, it feels bloody massive today.
A traffic cone could be the way forward, I'm liking your style. Perhaps you could create a mega-doughnut with some foam and a hairnet?

Ivy Black said...

I lurve big hair! I'd like a do so big my cat could kip in it..x

Louise said...

I did a little bouffant when I went out at the weekend because my bumpits hadn't arrived in time for the hen party. My hair felt like candy floss I had to use that much hairspray, but I loved the result. I've got my bumpits now and think I might bouff non-stop lol. x

Kandi said...

Oh the Ronetes are gorgeous. I have a thing for big hair too inherited from my Mum I think! I always use 'big' products and back comb every day - if I dont my hair is limp and terribly sad. My favourite is the 4th pic down - gorgeous.
Kandi x

Disco Goth said...

haha a traffic cone as a bumpit - love it! xx

Bonnie said...

I always thought the Ronettes were so pretty and chic and I loved their hair. We must find you a bumpit as big as the Empire State Building for the perfect effect! xxx

Laura said...

I'm not lying when I say that Ronnie Spector's hair changed my life, wonderful images.