Dammit, get me a decent knife!

Whilst I wouldn't say I am the biggest Bowie fan, I am rather fond of him, especially during the 70's, when his fabulous theatricality was unsurpassed.
I'm really enjoying the biography I'm currently reading, published in 1985. Lots of gory family goss, not many pics, but scintillating reading.
I, and most people I know, used to always say that he should have given up after "Scary Monsters", as during the 80's he seemed woefully misguided. But he did get his mojo back, luckily. It was really just that "Let's Dance" album that was abysmal. With the exception of "China Girl",I guess. I never did see that infamous video for that, incidentally, where he is (from what I heard) waving his enormous wang about.
Speaking of wangs, I understand he is one of the biggest wangs in rock?? (Alex, do you know?!(fellow wang spotter))I'm pretty sure Jim Kerr is in that illustious group as well.I wonder who the others are?? I have seen a pic of Bowie with what looks like salami stuffed down his trouser leg, and for all I know, it was!
Yep, that looks like a pretty big package.

Can't tell in this pic. Maybe he's tucked it up behind??
I saw(sorry, I have completely digressed now) a documentary recently about men with massive wangs, and how miserable their lives were. Interesting stuff. They were all quite hideous looking, poor fellas. I daresay that didn't help! LOL! One of them went gay, as he reckoned women just couldn't take it. Charming. I pity the poor dude who could take a wang as big as his was-it looked like the proverbial horse wang.
How ghastly!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to see Bowies Glass Spiders Tour in Sydney in...88, I think. It was fab. Don't imagine I'll get to see him again before he starts doing the Vegas circuit. Or putting out classic covers like old Rod Stewart. (Hey, am I the only one who thought the crazy critters in "Labyrinth" who could remove their heads looked like Rod??)

"Labyrinth" was cool. Yeah.


Mrs Munster said...

Bowie is oh-so gorgeous in Labyrinth. I've never been much of a fan of Bowie. He has got quite a few classic song that you kind of must like. Some reason all the Ziggy Stardust era gives me the creeps. It's almost that with all 70's glam. As much as I'd like to love it, it makes me feel uneasy? Should I see a doctor about this *grin*

Disco Goth said...

What I wouldn't give for the green hair and boots!


Ivy Black said...

I like my Bowie early. I love Ziggy and I can just about forgive him for Tin Machine...just about.
That China Girl video was the one with him rolling about in the surf a la Lancaster and Kerr. It wasn't all that...
I didn't know about him being one of the biggest packages in rock. I love to learn!!

Alex said...

Oh crikey, I've never been called a wang spotter before! I think I just retain gossip from scurrilous magazines and they mainly focus on actors, so I'm not very well informed about rock stars. Sorry to let the side down!!

ps - Labyrinth is on at my favourite (and awesome) cinema the first weekend in September and I am SO EXCITED!!! With the exception of the Rod Stewart/Fraggle bit which creeps me out to the point where I have to hide my eyes, it's one of my all time favourite films.

Vintage Vixen said...

Loved Bowie's Ziggy era but he ruined it for me when he had his teeth straightened, sold out big time.
I'd bloody kill for those green platform boots in the top photo, maybe Disco Goth and I should slug it out.
Biggest wang in rock? Really? Maybe that book will reveal more?