G and I had a date today.
I'm wearing:
Frock-formerly a 70's maxi, I've been busy customising it this week, opshopped
Shoes-K Mart sale
 We stopped at Retropolitan on the way...

G looked amazing in these 60'a golf pants.
Genuine crimplene, they'll never need ironing!

We stopped in at Soul Square, and had a drinkie whilst we deliberated over a new bicycle for G.
We bought it!

Had a nosy at what used to be called The Blue Kiwi, but seems to have been taken over by the dude who ran Chaos, G's fave vintage stuff store, so I guess it's called Chaos now! There's was all sorts of crazy stuff in there! G was eyeing up an awesome doorknob, I was eyeing up some expensive goodies in the clothing section....

Then we met up with Justine, Mikel and Baby Rose for lunch at the Meditteranean Warehouse

Nom, pizza!

And blood orange sorbet!!!
The we came home and had a nap.
Now I have to get ready to go out to The Dux de Lux to see Permanence, the Joy Division covers band. I'm sitting here, starkers, Nix has just turned up and I have NO IDEA what to wear!!!
O, woe is me!!
Right, into the shower and onto the wardrobe trauma!!
I've simply got nothing to wear!
Ooo, I want at least 5 of these beauties.....


Mrs Munster said...

Awww...young love! Looked like you had a great date day. Wish my bloke was so keen on shopping as your G.

Kandi said...

Nothing to wear?????? That shop looked like a little treasure trove, I could waste an hour or so in there! Love the frock you wore for your date, the buttons were cute.
Kandi x

Vintage Vixen said...

Wah! I wish I could have joined you, I have a bike to bring with me.
How beautiful do you look, my gorgeous pal? Loving the frock and the sunnies. I'm soooo impressed that G tries things on, Jon loves shopping but point blank refuses to get his kit off.
Only 5 bags you like? What? Have you lost your shopping mojo? I think I can see at least 50 things I want including that swimsuit and the dressing room curtains.
Love Ya!

Bonnie said...

Kia ora! I love those shoes Helga, they are my favorite shade of red. And how jealous am I of your great day of shopping, eating, drinking and friends. I love thrift shopping there are a million and one things I see in your photos that I want to inspect up close and personal. Lovely!


Louise said...

Aw, sounds and looks like you had a lovely time. Dates are great aren't they? x

Helga! said...

Ok,Vix,I really,really wanted all of those damn bags!!!
G is great about getting his kit off,he doesn't even care about changing rooms!!!