Dining Out.

Lovely Dave!

Tile love.

Frolicking in the toilets.
As you do.

Jo sweetly brought the wine.
It was extremely drinkable.

Our travelling Jo.


Drunken (not G!) shenanigans on the way home.
Thanks for driving, G!

Tired and hungover today!
No frolics for this old girl tonight!
Question-how are you finding the bigger photos, please???
Good? Bad? Whatever?
Please let me know!


Kitty said...

Bigger photos are definitely better, I've been putting bigger photos on mine too. Even if they lose a bit of resolution they're still better. Your hair looks great here and I even like the bow-you're turning me, I reckon! And another thing, who has bodacious ta-tas NOW!? Ha Ha!!!

Kel said...

HAHA! I love these photos, they capture the night perfectly.
1. Love the bigger photos
2. Love the new background pattern
3. Love your boobs! Check them out! And that necklace is pretty damn funky
4. Getting the Frida Kahlo into a photo. Nice work.


bonifachi said...

oooo it's all lovely!!

Kandi said...

Agreed, the bigger photos are better. Love your bra on show too, bigger photos = bigger boobies! :)
Kandi x

Bonnie said...

Wish I was able to join you, it looks like a fun evening! My, what delicious cleavage you have :)


Disco Goth said...

The bigger the better as far as photos are concerned!
Love the outfit and stunning make up - I NEED to know how to do that!
Jo's sparkly polo neck is a thing of wonder.


sarah_ontheroad said...

I agree with all comments... I love the bigger text and pics because I don't have to go scrabbling around looking for my glasses to see how fabulous you look!

Sarah xxx

Mazzy Boy said...

The twins look fabulous in that frock...and you do too ;-)

Helga! said...

Hahahaha,yay,the girls must have been gasping for a night out,cos that just wouldn't stay in!!!
Hurrah,Sarah,glad it's all working for you!
Thanks for the comments,am pleased the bigger pix are working out!