Home at 2:30 am-outrageous!

So, off we went to the Dux last night, after much wardrobe deliberation. When I picked up this frock at Tasman Traders a few weeks back, it was a little dull. I have raided my trims drawer and gone to town, and I like it much better!
Above is Nix and I just before we left.
We collected Justine on the way, and bumped into the lovely Jeff .

And Amber!

Mmmmm, moist!

After the Dux finished, we trotted off to Goodbye, Blue Monday, a bar I hadn't been to before. The Unfaithful Ways were playing there, and there was quite a crowd. I'm rather impressed that I am still going strong at this point!! We were all nicely sozzled, Nix did some great networking.
O-bad news, Nix didn't get that job. But she has another interview this Wednesday for an events co-ordinator job, so wish her luck!
I can't remember who the guy on the left is, I think he was a mate of Nix'.
Bit of a green theme going on here!

G showing Amber his moves.
(Wearing his new pants)

Winding down.

My baby and I!
We were still quite wired when we got home! Amazing for me! Had a snack, lots of water, cleaned
my face and toddled off to nigh-nigh land. A very eventful Saturday indeed!


Anonymous said...

Love the green! Tell me, oh wise vintage shopper...what are your fave vintage stores in CHCH? we are headed that way in a few weeks, and am keen to find some bargains and pretty shiny things.

Kitty said...

green theme indeed! Makes me want to go to NZ when I see posts like this. Wanna swap houses for a bit? Ha ha

Vintage Vixen said...

Well the outfit was a triumph! I love ya in green. Must be a sign of spring in the air. You and G look the business.
2.30am? I'm very impressed especially after being on the wagon for 5 days. I'd have been sozzled and under a table hours before then, you hardcore chica!

Sahakiel said...

Looks like a great time, and you all girls look sooooooooo great! That green poladots dress is... yaaaaaaaaaaaw!

Helga! said...

Ms Emma,I have just left a comment on your blog regarding your future visit to Chch!
Yeah,spring green is it! I just to be warm enough to get my toes out with resplendent spring green colour!I did do very well,Vix.I think it was the 2 hour nap I had when we got back from town.
Hahah,Kitty,sure,why not!