I'm always laughing with you.........honest I am.

We're a little random today.
Todays hair. Despite my dribbling about all that glorious big hair yesterday, I just couldn't be arsed this morning, and this is my "can't be arsed" topknot.
Top hairstick- from my darling Vix
Bottom hairstick-gift from G

I bought this adorable mini vanity case off Trade Me. It's not vintage, or retro, it's just so cute and yellow! It fits my camera, its lead and my gorillapod perfectly!

I also bought a remastered cd.I adored this album, and I believe it is their only album that holds up well today;that hasn't dated.

I thought I may as well share a few snippets of my notebook with you all. I have always carried one; this one is big enough to have been carried around for ages. I fill them up with all sorts of crap, from recipes, to frock alteration projects, to wishlists, to addresses, to inspirations, to craft & sewing projects,lists of all sorts, etc.
Examples below.

So there you go!
Who else carries a notebook around, and what do you put in it?


Kitty said...

LEOPARD PRINT SHELVES!!?? Did you actually do that? Looking at the notebook you're very crafty (as in useful not as in shifty), just in a different way to me. The sewing thing is beyond me!

Vintage Vixen said...

The hair, the vanity case....love them soooo! The vanity case reminds me of my dream suitcase, the Globetrotter, possibly the only designer thing in the world I covert.
Love the notebook, I've got a beauty but it's so pretty I don't acutually write in it, just scribble ideas on paper and fold them up inside. I'm such a freak.
Is that an instruction list for G? You're far too fabulous to be pithering about with DIY. I once covered my headboard with furry leopardprint fabric, thinking boudoir but the result was more knocking shop!
Love you!

Disco Goth said...

Ooh...hair/hairstick envy! I love the little snippets of your notebook, I use my daughter's old spelling book (just the right size you see) but I'm so anal I rip the pages out once they are done with, anything 'important' gets transferred elsewhere. How odd does that make me sound!!!


Louise said...

I carry a notebook. I put to do lists in it, but also craft projects that I want to do... including poorly executed little sketches lol.

Kandi said...

Oh hair is lovely! I have a similar book but it's all black - my little black book, it has my life in there and I often whip it out in shops and in the street and people look at me odd, it is a bit like a Policeman's notebook so thats probably why!! :) I will show it some time.
Kandi x

Loulou said...

Hairsticks=gorgeousness. I recently started a new notebook - purple and light blue floral *flocked* hardback, with blue and purple pages - oh, how I adore anything purple. It has a bunny girl on the front too - my obsession with anything pin-up is becoming out of hand...

Alex said...

Love the notebook and its intriguing contents. Mine is nothing like that interesting - just tends to be random song lyrics that I need to go and look up, or the names of historic houses that I've driven past and want to look up online, or endless lists.

Rebecca said...

I carry around the cheapest 3"x5" side-spiral-bound, lined notebook that I can find. I fill it with about the same stuff you do!

Once filled, I can never, never part with it. I fear I may lose some very, very valuable thought, phone number, book title, or creative idea.

Andrea said...

Definitely a notebook person too - I write a lot of lists, quotes, drafts of bits of writing, ideas, diary excerpts. A complete mixture of things!