Merde. I feel like it, I look like it....

.........but as far as I am aware, I fortunately don't smell like it.
Grizzle, grumble, groan. I have a cold. Again. Mind you, I don't really think I got over the last one fully.
Thank goodness for phenylephrine.

Bow-made by me

Now,sometime in the last few days G and I watched Irma Vep. I adore the sound of the French language, and can sometimes quite happily close my eyes and listen to them natter away in the wild hopes that I might learn by osmosis, but alas, no. This has some English in it,as the main character does not speak French. It's one of the points, apparently, of the film. What other points there are, are negotiable. Maggie Cheung is a hottie, and I have admired her for some time. It's an odd little film, yet rather incomphrehensible, but I managed to stick with it until the end. Which was definetly the high point!!!
I'm not overly picky about my movies. I can watch Hollywood tripe as well as highbrow arty farty films. I'm quite happy to give anything a go. I think I expected more from this film. Especially as it was an official selection at Cannes?! Official selection of what? Incomprehensible movies of the festival? Wasted hot minx of the year? Nice latex shame about the plot? And so what if Irma Vep is an anagram of vampire.
Whoopty doo!
Am I making any sense? LOL, I'm thinking that I have brain fog.
Over and out.



Calamity Jem said...

Get well soon my dear!
You're looking ab-fab even if you may not feel it.
Take care!

Vintage Vixen said...

Merde? Sacre-Bleu! You look formidable, my dear! You've lost me on that film, I do enjoy a French movie if truth be told although my faves are the pastoral miseries like "Manon Des Sources" and "Jean De Florette" which leave me a blubbering wreck each and every time.
Hot toddy, a snuggle from Bozza and an early night for you, my lady.
Love you right back!

Indie.Tea said...

I think you look great...I love the boots...very fierce...and the pink...really spunky and bold of you to pull that color off (I dont have the guts thats for sure).

Miss Peelpants said...

Get well soon, and you certainly don't look merde. Wearing pink when you're feeling low is the best thing to do!

Alex said...

Ach, colds are just no fun. Love your giant scarf. I'm really missing scarves at the moment :(

Kandi said...

You poor thing, I prescribe whiskey and hot lemonade double quick!
Kandi x

Bonnie said...

Kia ora! Nothing like wearing a FIERCE pink to chase away nasty cold germs. Hope you are feeling better by now.

Cheers, Bonnie

Helga! said...

Ah,you are a bunch of sweeties.

Miss Smilla said...

Hope you feel better soon - but at least having a cold hasn't interfered with your fabulous co-ordinating skills!