My new crush.

Dear Mazzy has introduced me to a dazzling star, whose presence was sadly and unknowingly missing from my life.
Now let me introduce to you.......

G and I have been having a bit of a You Tube binge, and she makes me just cry with laughter. In the immortal words of my Mother, "she is as funny as a hatful of arseholes" !
(My Mother had a delightful turn of phrase, and a mouth that could make a sailor blush. Bless her!)

Interestingly, Evie is pretty much my vision of myself when I am mature. Crossed with a healthy dose of my darling Mrs Slocombe, old age style icon extraordinaire.
Anyways, my G has the flu now. Love is sharing.
Poor baby has a gig (Snuffbox) tonight, so I'll have to get some phenylephrine into him.
Ooo, a gig on a school night! Huzzah!
What am I going to wear?!
*O, in response to your question, Mazzy, re my Cosmopolitan recipe-
It's pretty basic:
2 parts vodka
1 part Triple Sec(or Cointreau, if I can afford it)
top it up with cranberry juice.
For extra kick? More vodka!
Last time I remember having Cosmos was last year, I think.
G was laying some stick on tiles in the bathroom, and I was the drinks bitch. At some point I passed out; how G got those tiles on, and straight, I will never know, as he has no idea!


Laurel said...

I am listening to Joni Mitchell's 'Blue' Albumn now - it is certainly making my work day that much brighter x

Mazzy Boy said...

I'm so loving the fact that you're enjoying the adventures of Evie Harris and her fabulous life as a fading starlet.


Vintage Vixen said...

Awwww! Get well wishes to G, it's so kind that you managed to share your lurgy with him.
Hoping the gig went well and that your outfit blew everyone's minds.
Off to Google this wonderful creature......