Nine. Two words-Penelope Cruz.......

O, va va VOOM!
And my darling, Judi Dench. She looks adorable in her little Louise Brooks bob!

I do love a musical. G and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Daniel Day-Lewis was quite the revelation!
On another note, have I ever mentioned that I would like to be submerged, naked, into a vat of molten butter with Nigella Lawson?
Not that I'm into clam, but she is just sooooo sumptuously upholstered, like a lovely soft couch. I bet she's wonderful to roll around on.
Mr Saatchi? What have you to say on the matter?
Just sayin'


Ivy Black said...

I always say I'd love a baking session with Nigella, but your idea is much, much better! xx

Kel said...

Penelope is one hot chica!
Love this post - Nigella is a sort.


Alex said...

I have a complete thing for Judi Dench. Isn't she wonderful?

Kandi said...

Oh yes Nigella is wonderful, she is another of my girl crushes :)
Kandi x

Bonnie said...

I didn't realize Judi Dench was in this movie. I adore her! And as for Nigella, never thought of her in that way but I'm warming up to the idea!

Vintage Vixen said...

Oooh eer, Missus! Dunno about Nigella Lawson but Jon certainly has the hots for her. Now Penelope Cruz on the other hand, just so fiery and Medittereanean (and I'll even forgive her for the Tom Cruise dalliance).