Opshopping can be a Bitch!

Yet another dreary, downtown day.
But, at the end of my forty foot leash.....is my little friend....

The wee sweetie and I went out for an opshopping expedition today. She was rather disciplined, due to her overloading of frocks and fabrics, an item simply had to be indespensible before she'd buy it. I had the same intention, but ended up with a pile of loot for which I have no room! Too bad, I'll squeeze it in somewhere! After all, a girl can never have too many frocks, handbags, shoes, fabric, jewellry, underwear, etc, etc............ad nauseum!!!
I guess I'm just a "more is more" kinda gal!

I love Brodie's ecletic ensemble. Gorgeous blue lace frock, with a pink cardi, cream (amazing) wedges she got from Etsy, I think she may have 2 layers of tights, and am awesome handbag that was a vanity bag and I think made of canvas?? I admire her for not being strung up by matchy-matchy like I am! I am inspired!

She did find the most divine cape. I'm hoping she blogs it tomorrow!!

Coat-G's nana's, inherited
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-opshopped, vintage
We had a great time together. I'm old enough to be her Mum, but we have a lot in common, such as being cheapskates, lazy when sewing, accumulators of fabric amongst other things. We will try and make opshopping days a regular get-together!
My loot:
Tweed heels! White slip on heels!

Ridiculously practical wedges! Brodie and I agree on never going anywhere that a heel can't be worn,if we can help it. And a fabulous frock.(G and I have been invited tramping by some old hippy friends of ours in Dunedin. G is keen; I am not on account of it being 4 days, and I cannot go that long with frocks, heels, makeup and a bouffant hair do. And a cocktail in hand.)
(Note the brown wedges and the pink tweed heels are "Pulp" brand.That is the brand of a "high st" shoe store called Hannahs.They have some great styles, and I have quite a lot that I have found 2nd hand, or on sale.)
These fabulous 70's tumblers. Most excellent for camping/picnics.

70's frock, left. It needs shortening a little. Modern frock in 50's style, right. It'll get a gentle makeover with some pretty trim, I think.

70's frokc, left, with huge stain at hem, which is fine as it needs to be a little shorter. On the right is an odd frock. Early 60's style, but 70's fabric. A little big, it needs taking in.

This 60's/70's (?)*number seems a little drab,but it has a nice, comfy fit, and I do quite like brown from time to time. A little brown bird, I am not, but occasionally I find it kinda comforting.

Brodie and I had a brief conversation about shoes or sandals with socks. I quite like this look, but was worried about being mutton dressed as lamb. This is a rare occurence for me. Brodie assured me I could pull it off. So I will try it one of these days.
*I find it difficult to date 20th century frocks sometimes. Pre 20's is fairly easy, but then fashions seemed to move so fast, and there is a lot of cross-over, so I get a little lost. I should really study up on it,I guess. I did costume history at Polytech, but at that time was waaaaay into Directoire and early Victorian costume and was thinking I might get into Costume Design. But then, getting a little work experience at the Christchurch Court Theatre and with my friend Gillian, I decided I couldn't be arsed !!!! I have a weird rebellious streak that means that I can't do what I love for a job, as, the minute I feel I "have" to do something, there is nothing I want to do less. So it would ruin my pleasure in historical costume to have anything to do with it for a living!!!
Band practice tonight. I have a frock in mind...........
But first,must make a greek stlye salad with prawns, orzo, feta, lemon, olive oil, mint,tomato and parsley, as we are having a pot luck dinner first.
How very civilised!
ta-ta, darlings!


KibitzKnitz said...

Quiche Lorraine!! You look fabulous all 'matchy-matchy'; I wish I had that kind of discipline to look so wonderfully pulled together as you do. I also don't have the discipline required to not bring home 6 more items from going out shopping, either. :^)

Camelia Crinoline said...

I had a lovely time opshopping today. We must do it again soon. I love your matchy-matchy. It looks so wonderfully put together.

Kandi said...

You look fab in Purple! I am on holiday and supposed to be checking the weather forecast on the laptop(blooming rain!!) but just had to check up on you all.
Kandi x

Disco Goth said...

You both look fabulous! I like the mismatched look but I always end up unmatched rather than mismatched which is why I team everytthing with black. I was very disciplined today - one dress and one record =)


Louise said...

I love both of your outfits, mathcy matchy and colour mixing are both equally good in my view. I also love the tweed shoes, what a purchase and even though you say the brown dress is a bit drab, I love it! You got a real stash there!

giddynici said...

You both look fab and I especially like both of your bags.

Looks like you got a fantastic haul on your shopping trips. Lots of lovely dresses and those tumblers are very cool.


Helga! said...

Yay,matchy matchy is obviously nothing to be ashamed of!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Those frocks, those shoes, the tumblers....arghhh! I need to come op-shopping with you, I have no restraint either so together we could amass so much crap and not give a hoot.
Pulp shoes? Wonder if Jarvis had a hand in designing them?
I'm totally miss-matched and do so envy those that can match. Nothing in my wardrobe matches anything else 'cos I'm such a schizo shopper.
PS Lurve the brown frock at the end so much, it's crying out for a ginormous orange hair bow and matching fishnets!!!!

Miss Smilla said...

What great finds! I'm a bit matchy matchy to when it comes to clothes - I always get ridiculously excited when I find an item of clothing that will match exactly something else!