Red Sails

One of the frocks I have been altering in some way over the last week.
This one simply required shortening.
It's a 70's midi, scored for $4 at Tasman Traders when I was shopping with Brodie, I think. It also has it's own belt, but I like it better without. It's made of some kind of knit; I wouldn't mind betting it'll stretch when it gets washed. I must check the label. I just love the full on orange based red colour, and I love the cuffs.
I think I'll be wearing this a lot, although it may be too hot as the weather warms up.
(I made the mosaic house number behind me, if you are interested. One of my many fancies that I got bored with after a while! I still have all the stuff, as, who knows! The fancy may be refreshed at some point!)

Worn with:
Tights-The Warehouse
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-vintage, opshopped
Hairflower-a local chemist
I adore these spotty shoes, they make me feel ever so frivolous!
I simply must wear them more often. I would love a pair of pink & white spotty shoes, actually. But as I can't even seem to find the perfect pair of pink shoes anyway, I don't fancy my luck.


Vintage Vixen said...

I clocked your mosaic house number straightaway, you made it? It's only fabulous!
Loving the ornagey-red frock, the colour looks amazing on you and the length is so cheeky and much better short.
Frivolous shoes? Oh, yes! I've never seen pink and white spotty ones, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

emmaandthebeanstalk said...

hai! argh I thought I left a message on a post, but I can't find it so not sure you got it. Unfortunately I am on conference over the weekend and not getting in til late friday! argh! Not ideal at all. I so want shopping!!!

Kel said...

You made that house number? you clever thing! It's beautiful! I'd love something like that outside my front door.

Lush dress, colour really suits you. Look quite the fox.


p.s where's the new make up routine? :)

Alex said...

Seriously Helga, I am most jealous of your legs. The shoes are brilliant - they remind me a bit of my IC polka dot heels (aka the Minnie Mouse shoes). Can't say that I've ever seen any pink and white spotty shoes but I'll keep my eyes out for a pair and let you know if I see any. What size are you?

Leyla said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog! You are adorable lady and a hoot taboot! I am having trouble using the follow gadget, but I shall follow using my dashboard follow link. I shall return. Your cat names are hilarious!!! I too do nicknames for every critter and person in my world.

Young at Heart said...

inspired.......and very cute!!

giddynici said...

You look great in red! Love the shoes.
The mosiac sign is fab, what a talent! Good that you have the stuff still just incase the mood takes you. x

Helga! said...

Aren't you a bunch of sweeties!
Hi Leyla & Young at Heart!Welcome aboard!!