A Serious happening in Hanmer!

So,Jo booked us this sweet wee "chalet" for our venture.....

Just look at our marvellous view!
I did have aspirations of midnight trampolining,but these were abandoned in favour of more wine and Duran Duran.......

Of course we had to dress for dinner.

This frock I made years ago to go as a floozie to a Western themed dinner; I also(badly) made a corset to go over the top. That was the night I "rode" a mechanical bull for the first time. When I say "rode", I am exaggerating a little. I couldn't stay on the frisky frigging thing more than a second due to excessive laughter and a fear of peeing myself.I have a pic somewhere, luckily I looked reasonably elegant and didn't have my legs up over my head.
For a change.

A tres chic Jo prepping. I had the foresight to bring aprons.
Sorry vegies, but we had duck with cherry sauce, savoy cabbage with apple & hazlenuts and roast potatoes. Not to mention a bottle of flash pink champagne, and a gorgeous Hawkes Bay shiraz....not sure what the 3rd bottle was, but we didn't finish it.......
After dinner we had a renzy of 80's on video that Jo had compiled as a teenager! We both share a love of Japan(David!!!) ,Duran Duran, Gary Numan, Marc Almond.......feck it was fab nostalgia!!!
O! The ecstasy!


Mazzy Boy said...

I love the outfits and your friend can answer that question of "Whatever Happened to Louise Brooks?" She's alive and well cooking duck in a rented chateau...how divine!

Calamity Jem said...

Lovely Helga,
That dress is wonderfuel!
Well done you in creating that phenomenal frock with your own fair hands.
I love the shape of that house, so reminds me of ‘Ă–rkelljunga simhall’ the swimming baths in the little backwater village were I spent the first five years of my life.
Have a cracking week my dear.
Take care,

Vintage Vixen said...

Love the chalet, it looks like somewhere a James Bond baddie would hang out and wow, what a view. The trampolene scares me, I'd pop a hip out on that thing.
Your dress is just fabulous, can't believe you made it, it's perfection.
Mazzy Boy's right, Jo is the dead spit of Louise Brooks.

Anonymous said...

Oh the duck looks delicious... and I love Hanmer.... never managed a swim in the snow tho... :(.. always missed snow storms by a day or so. I left CHCH about two years ago... and only miss it for the totally massive views ... oh and some people :)

Mrs Munster said...

These photos just oozes of fun, fun, fun!

Alex said...

That dress is gorgeous! God, you're such a talented seamstress. I'm still struggling in vain with a dead simple pattern and wondering if I'll ever get the hang of it.

Kandi said...

The view is amazing! And your dress looks fabulous,so envious!
kandi x

Disco Goth said...

Oh, another dress I want when you've finished with it! It looks like a gorgeous place to be. Jo looks super stylish, I love little bobs like that, and the velvet of course! xx