Warning:Content May Upset Vegetarians.

It's a grotty Sunday here. But-we went for a walk earlier, around the river, and there are buds on the willows, and some jonquils and snowdrops!
G is preparing an organic, free range and all that good stuff roast chook, with his special G stuffing......
(oooer). Boris is assisting him, and Django Reinhardt is twanging away on the stereo.....
Boris has dejectedly gone outside now for a man grogan. Apparently.
I think G just wanted him out of the way after he tortured him!!
Happy Sunday,all!


Camelia Crinoline said...

The only reason I'd be upset is because roast chicken and stuffing is the only thing that I miss sometimes since becoming a vegetarian.
Ooooh Spring flowers already. Exciting.

Vintage Vixen said...

Poor Boris, I do hope you saved him a bit of roast chuck...he looks desparate, the poor little furball.
I do like a bit of stuffing.

Bonnie said...

Love your Boris. Not sure what a man grogan is but I'm betting I might not want to know! I am an expert at stuffing and I use my mom's recipe which was her mom's recipe. Hope you and G are having a lovely Sunday and be sure to save Boris a little somethin', somethin'.


Calamity Jem said...

I love your retro kitchen floor.
I'm vegan but I don't mind other peeps eating meat as long as I don't have to.

Disco Goth said...

I had some meat today, I don't know why (I do actually, it's because I had a BBQ), it's yukky! I just hope Boris got some of the chicken! xx

Helga! said...

Boris always gets some chicken,Vix & DG!! He is so spoilt!
Bonnie,you're right.You might not want to know what a man grogan is!!!
I was vege for 13 years,and I never cared what peeps were eating around me.I never was a preacher type!