We're too hot for this band!

Our Nix was smiled upon by the Opshop Goddess yesterday. She scored this pretty blue spotty frock, and I am quite jealous!
Nix has set up her own blog ,and whilst it may not be relevant to non Kiwi's, it would be wonderful if you all popped over and became followers-it may help her to get a job as a professional blogger!
You see, Nix was just made redundant from her graphic design job, and she is keen to branch out into new fields, and has an interview tomorrow for a position as professional blogger for a company that is something to do with kids and the enviroment-dammit, my memory is shocking-and it looks to be right up Nix' alley. Part of the requirements is that the applicant has their own blog. So,a lot of followers would help with the impression that she has an audience already.......

Anyway, I forgot I had these shoes! Nix reckons that's a sign of having too many shoes. I beg to differ. Justine has these too, and also has them in red.
I was wearing:
Frock-formerly a maxi, opshopped
Shoes-Attitude Shoes sale
Earrings-opshopped yesterday
Necklace-gift from G
Hairbow-some Asian shop
Practice was great, and we have a new song! Yay!
The sun is out today, and all feels right with the world!


Kitty said...

I'm following, oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!! I want a pair!!

Flaming Red said...

THANKS Nettie! You rock that party that rocks the party!!! xx x x x x x x

Roo Paprika said...

Loving the dress and the shoes very much. Not sure if I am just being dim but I couldn't find a clicky for your friend's site...?

Disco Goth said...

It's hidden in the word 'blog', took me a while too! I'm now following - I hope you get the job Nix!
Love the shoes =) xx

Bonnie said...

Those shoes rock, Helga. Visited Nix's blog, left a message and wish her the best!


Helga! said...

Bless,ladies,you are very fab!

Vintage Vixen said...

You girls look HOT! Loving the wedges especially. Off to find Nix's blog